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I received the following from a CN reader who wishes to remain anonymous. What I plan to do is post the entire document over a period of time, most likely in weekly installments. Here is part 13.

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An Investigation and Discussion of that Part of the United States Government Which We Did Not Elect, Which Is Not Accountable, Which Is Unconstitutional, Which Is Engaged In Unlawful and Unconstitutional Activity, and Then Hides Behind the National Security Act of 1947



37. Chomsky, Noam, and Herman, Edward, Manufacturing Consent, Pantheon Books, New York, New York, 1988. (There is also a film: Achbar, Mark, Symansky, Adam, and Wintonick, Peter, Manufacturing Consent, Necessary Illusions/National Film Board of Canada, Montreal, Quebec, 1992.) Chomsky is a leading dissident intellectual, linguistics scholar, author, and Institute professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Summary: Documents mind control in the U.S. committed by the media. Explores how "not an excess, but a lack of investigative zeal into the accumulating illegalities of the executive branch" demonstrates a need to see what the real function of the mass media is. "Focuses on democratic societies where populations not disciplined by force are subjected to more subtle forms of idealogical control." He gives specific examples of this media deception.

Mass media requires that you be concise. The beauty of these concision prerequisites is that "you can only repeat conventional thought" in the time allotted between commercials. If one says that the news media is one big propaganda machine, someone will probably say, "What? Where is your supporting data? What are you talking about? What do you mean by that? Where did you get this idea?" And, of course, in order to do justice to their questions, one cannot respond in mere sound bytes. These answers are, by definition, going to take more time than that. It is not going to happen between commercials. And if it doesn't happen between commercials, then it doesn't happen.

The real information is there, but only for a fanatic, "somebody who wants to spend a substantial part of their time and energy exploring it and comparing today's lies with yesterday's leaks and so on...."

By the time the news reaches the viewer, it has already passed through several filters. First, the story has to suit the "size, ownership and profit orientation of the mass media." Second, the story has to suit the advertisers. Third, reliance on pre-packaged news sources slants the story. Fourth, the story must pass through the filter that reduces the likelihood of any negative responses to media statements or programs, because to respond to the negative complaints takes time and money. Fifth, the last filter is anti-communism, even at the expense of fascism.

These filters together act to control the scope and direction of the news that passes through the gates to the people. A highly systematized program of propaganda feeds our people and institutions daily.

38. Thompson, Linda, Waco, The Big Lie (aka Waco I), American Justice Federation, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1993. Thompson is an attorney and researcher into government corruption. Summary: Documents government responsibility for the murder of the people at Mt. Carmel in Waco, Texas.

In February, 1993 approximately 130 people lived in a home in Waco, Texas. The group's leader was David Koresh. His wife, Rachel, and their three children also lived in Mt. Carmel. Koresh believed he had a calling to deliver the Biblical message of Revelation.

Mt. Carmel was established in 1935 as a religious retreat. "Followers came to be called Branch Davidians. In sixty years there had been only one incident in an otherwise unblemished record of the Branch Davidians' peaceful existence with their neighbors."

Former leader, George Roden's wife, had turned over leadership to Koresh. George Roden then unearthed a dead woman's coffin to see who could raise the dead. Koresh called the police. The police said they needed evidence. Roden opened fire when Koresh and seven others went to take photographs. Roden was shot in the finger. Koresh and the seven others were arrested and later acquitted.

"Roden also accused David Koresh of getting his 75-year-old mother pregnant....In response David replied, 'If I took a 70-year-old woman and got her pregnant, you had better watch out. I'm God.'" The media took Koresh's quote of "I'm God" out of context and repeated it over and over without ever mentioning that Koresh had said it in an obviously sarcastic manner.

Many people who lived at Mt. Carmel held responsible jobs in the community, including a teacher, a mailman, a Harvard educated lawyer, a computer analyst, and craftsmen.

"Church services were no different than what you would expect at any church service. The Branch Davidians were well liked by their neighbors. What happened to target these seemingly peaceful and religious people for the wrath of the United States government?"

A previous member, Marc Breault, had threatened revenge when he was asked to leave in 1989 after trying to take over the leadership from Koresh. Later Breault accused Koresh of adultery, child abuse, and gun-stockpiling. Breault contacted Cult Awareness Network (CAN), "a group that helps to arrange kidnappings and de-programming of people who join religious groups....Deprogramming is a form of brainwashing."

Another way in which Breault sought revenge was by offering to help a disc jockey, David Jewell, obtain custody in a custody battle with his wife, Sheri Jewell, a member of Mt. Carmel. Breault later testified at the custody hearing.

Koresh himself answered these charges with a swift and complete denial. Yet these same charges of polygamy and child abuse ended up in an ATF warrant. The ATF is responsible for making sure taxes are paid on guns and enforcing gun laws. "Why would these allegations be included in an application to search for weapons violations" when the ATF doesn't have the authority to investigate polygamy or child abuse?

It would have been redundant anyway since these charges had already been investigated and found to be baseless by both the County Sheriff and the Texas Welfare Department.

Several claims made in the ATF search warrant were false. First, reference is made to "the upper and lower receivers for" the AK47 rifle. But, in fact, the AK47 does not have an upper and lower receiver. It has a one-piece receiver.

Second, Shotgun News is referred to as a "clandestine magazine," but, in fact, is a national newspaper with a circulation of 150,000 that is sold at newsstands all over the country.

Third, it refers to a neighbor who had heard machine gun fire, but did not say that the County Sheriff had already investigated this claim. The Sheriff had found that Koresh owned a hellfire trigger, a legal device that merely sounds like a machine gun. Even owing a machine gun is legal as long as the owner pays a $200 tax on the gun.

So the ATF raid was launched because the Branch Davidians were suspected of possibly owning a machine gun that they had failed to pay the tax on. "Branch Davidian Paul Fatta who was responsible for many gun purchases, states categorically, 'There is no 50 caliber machine gun out there. There is a 50 caliber gun that's a semi-automatic that was bought perfectly legal.'"

The warrant also failed to mention the fact that the ATF had investigated the gun store where the Branch Davidians had purchased 225 guns. The owner of the store called Koresh and told him that the ATF had a problem with them buying so many guns. Koresh told the owner, "Tell them to come on out." The ATF declined Koresh's offer.

Waco had "an extraordinarily high rate of federal gun prosecutions compared to the rest of the nation." Magistrate Green, a former U.S. attorney who issued the warrant, and Bill Johnstone, the U.S. attorney in Waco who filed the warrant, and the ATF may all be ignorant of gun laws. Aguilera claims to be experienced and informed regarding gun law. Yet, Agent Aguilera in the warrant confuses the meanings of several firearms terms: Machine gun, destructive device, explosive, and explosive device, each of which "has different, specific meanings in the federal law books." Then, Magistrate Green failed to notice Agent Aguilera's confusion. This may be why Waco has such a high rate of gun prosecutions.

The Waco newspaper began a series of scandalous articles about Mt. Carmel the day prior to the raid, repeating the same allegations made by Marc Breault.

The ATF lied outright when it claimed they moved the raid up a day because of these newspaper articles. "The warrant would expire if it wa not served by February 28 and the raid took place on February 28."

One piece of film of the day of the raid provided to all news agencies was a piece of film that had been heavily edited before being distributed. There are glitches in the film where pieces have been obviously cut out.

In the opening scenes, ATF agents are hiding behind cars while shooting at the front of the house. Within thirty seconds two groups of agents climb ladders up to the roof on the side of the house. No bullets are hitting the ground around any of the agents and no one is shooting at the agents climbing the ladders. The sounds are the agents' M16 and MP5 machine guns.

Several agents are carrying fully automatic rifles. The agent climbing up the ladder on the right manages to shoot himself in the foot.

Agent Royster said they had drilled and rehearsed the raid for months.

Next they show three of the four agents on the roof breaking into a window. They toss smoke grenades into the room and then three agents climb in. Following another film glitch the fourth agent tosses something that appears to be a grenade into the room after them. "It makes no sense for him to be throwing anything at all into a room where the three ATF agents have just gone unless he intends to injure his own men. He also fires a machine gun into the room, twice, without looking." Someone from inside the room begins shooting back.

The three agents who had been sent inside the room were killed. All three had been body guards for Bill Clinton during the campaign. A fourth agent was also killed the same day but before any shooting had begun. He was killed as he exited the cattle car.

The ATF claims the Branch Davidians had bigger guns. Yet film footage shows ATF agents with MP5 and M16 machine guns.

Mike Schroeder, a Branch Davidian, had left Mt. Carmel the day of the raid to go to work in town. When he heard on the radio about the raid, he attempted to go home to his wife and four-year-old son inside Mt. Carmel. Mike Schroeder, Norman Alison, and Woody Kendricks tried to go home. On his way home Schroeder was shot seven times, once in the eye, once through his heart, and five times in the back. Norman Alison was captured immediately and told the ATF that Schroeder had been killed.

The official ATF lie told was that Schoeder and two other Branch Davidians started a shoot out as they tried to leave Mt. Carmel. But documents filed in the indictment of Alison proved that the ATF knew these men were trying to go into Mt. Carmel, "not shooting their way out."

These same documents also prove that the ATF knew Schroeder had been killed. Yet Schoeder's body was left for days hanging outside on a fence. During these five days, his body was chewed by wild dogs and picked by birds. Finally, after five days the ATF notified Schoeder's mother that he was dead. Then they collected his body using a helicopter and a grappling hook and transported it "like a side of beef on a meat hook." Schroeder's wife inside Mt. Carmel was never notified of his death.

Peter Gent's body was left on top of a water tower. His body literally fell apart and dropped to the ground when the Feds attempted to remove it with a grappling hook. "The Branch Davidians buried what remained of his body."

Two ATF agents have spoken out about their disgust with ATF higher ups violating simple ethics, morality, and principles of the Constitution and law. One of them said, "The people that I put in jail have more honor than the top administration in this organization."

On the fourth day of the seige the FBI was put in charge of the operation. All news people were kept a minimum of three miles away and regular citizens five miles away with road blocks and State Troopers and ATF agents armed with machine guns. The only news given out was the official select version filtered through an FBI agent/spokesperson.

Despite the fact that it is illegal to use military troops against U.S. citizens, the FBI brought in Army tanks. National Guard troops and military equipment can be used if it is drug interdiction. As a ploy to avoid penalities for violating the Posse Comitatus Act, the FBI claimed that they had suspicion of a methamphetamine lab, despite the fact that drugs were never an issue at Mt. Carmel. Governor Ann Richards never did order the tanks off the Mt. Carmel property, even after she realized she had been deceived into consenting to their use.

From that point on, all those at Mt. Carmel, including many very young children and babies, were totally cut off from the outside world, including utilities, phone, lights, gas, water, and plumbing. Bright stadium lights were used to keep the home lit up for twenty-four hours a day, while huge speakers broadcast the sounds of Tibetan chants, rabbits being slaughtered, and Nancy Sinatra's song, These Boots Are Made For Walkin'.

"One refrain of that song says: I just found me a brand new box of matches, yeah, and if you play with fire you know you're gonna get burned."

Punishments used by the FBI included using a tank to crush the car of any Branch Davidian who fell into disfavor with the FBI, "or in the case of the children, their go-carts."

Thermal imaging was used by the FBI to allow them to see every person within Mt. Carmel. Fiber optic cameras were stuffed in the walls and vents of the Branch Davidian home. The FBI could see and hear everyone inside Mt. Carmel at all times.

The FBI, ATF, and Janet Reno told American citizens that CS gas was being used out of "concern for the children." A training film shows the impact of CS gas on grown men in camouflage uniforms. They are coughing, sputtering, crying, spitting, grimacing, drooling, squinting, holding their heads, wiping their eyes, and gasping for air.

For over two hours a tank sat on top of the tunnel to the underground bunker or was at the hold in the corner of the house at the entrance to the tunnel. While the tank sat there, agents could be seen getting in and out of the tank, "and the camera filming it conveniently cuts away."

"At approximately 6:10 AM smoke begins pouring from the underground bunker. None of the media mentions the fire in the underground bunker, yet this is when and where the first fire began and where many people lost their lives." Then a tank is shown destroying the end of the house over the trap door to the bunker, ensuring no escape for anyone trapped inside the burning bunker. Then the tanks proceed to collapse all stairwells inside the Branch Davidian home.

Then footage is shown which proves beyond any doubt that the tanks intentionally set the home on fire. "It proves that the Branch Davidians were murdered." Twice as the tank backs out of the house flames from a gas jet that shoots fire is plainly visible.

Later, at a second story window where flame is erupting, as a tank drives out from behind the home, an agent is situated on top of the tank as if he just jumped down off the roof to the top of the tank. He is in the process of removing a fire-proof type hood.

Another man on the roof, who the ATF claims is a Branch Davidian, while on the roof he removes a jacket, jumps down, then very calmly walks slowly away while removing a hood." He also appears to be carrying a rifle in his right hand."

While the fire is buring helicopters circle over with men aiming guns at Mt. Carmel. None of the agents on the ground or in the air show any concern about explosions from inside Mt. Carmel during or after the fire. Many agents are shown walking casually around and about near the fire.

Though great care is taken at all crime scenes to preserve evidence, tanks are shown pushing "what remains of the house and evidence into the fire." At 5:00 PM the evening of the fire agents are walking in and around the still-smoldering fire with no concern whatsoever for the supposed millions of rounds of ammunition.

"In one final crude and insensitive display the ATF raised its flag in victory over the ruins of Mt. Carmel before the day was over. One voice was heard that day telling the truth, Brad Branch, a Branch Davidian who had left the Mt. Carmel center before the day of the fire. 'They are finishing off the job right now. They are destroying the crime scene. This is the biggest lie that has ever been put before the American public ever.'"

[ be continued...]

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