Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 3 Num. 95

("Quid coniuratio est?")


Longtime readers of Conspiracy Nation and its predecessor, Conspiracy for the Day, may recall mention by Sherman Skolnick of something called "The Andreucetti Affair". So, for example, in Conspiracy for the Day, January 25, 1994, we find

All this and more are involved, in one way or another, in the Andrew Cetti(sp?) [Androchetti(?)] affair -- some 8 state and federal cases....

(...and that bank in Cicero was taken over by the successor to BCCI. And Marchinkas' nephew and that bank are among the defendants in the Andrew Cetti affair...)

And on March 15, 1994, in Conspiracy for the Day, Mr. Skolnick is quoted as saying

Hopkins & Sutter partner Jay Steinberg reportedly has played a key role in secretly transferring a $50 million RTC contingency fund from Chicago to Little Rock. Some details are in a series of blockbuster federal cases here called "The Andrew Cetti Affair" (sp?)....

...The [unclear] swindles and the "Andrew Cetti Affair" both implicate super FBI agent Mike "Chucky" Peters -- according to undisputed federal court records here, implicated in the murder of some 41 federal grand jury witnesses.

Finally, one reader wrote to inquire, "Just who, or what, is the Andrew Cetti Affair?"

On Wednesday, February 8, 1995, I received by U.S. mail a packet of information from Mr. Joseph Andreucetti himself, offering particulars on this case. What follows are portions of that information. Let us hope it can peel back the layers of mystery surrounding the Andreucetti Affair.

(Note that I neither necessarily agree nor disagree with either all, or portions of, the following.)

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(January 27, 1995) -- To Whom It May Concern:

Please find enclosed our Notices of Motions and Requests for Admission which have been served on the subject parties to this wide ranging dispute. Additionally, enclosed are Certified Mail Receipts indicating on whom these documents have been served.

It is unbelievable that these allegations cannot be heard because of the voracity of the government's efforts to quash an adjudication of these allegations and a public knowledge thereby of these acts. Indeed, the following is a list of cases which have been filed so that these allegations could be heard in the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division:

84 B 10338/9 (now 92 CV 1512)
90 C 5932
91 1937
92 A 1063
92 CV 673 (now 92 L 00101)
92 C 7048 (now pending)
92 CV 8128 (now 92 B 1791)
93 0371
93 CV 5261
93 CV 6797 (now 92 A 36)
93 CV 7037
94 1375

Indeed, these matters only continue after being dismissed by Magistrate Lefkow on November 21, 1994 after an ex parte Motion by the government because Judge Wayne Anderson ordered that discovery continue in disregard of the illegal ruling of Magistrate Lefkow.

Further examples of the voracity of the government's attempts to hide, conceal, bury, override and prevent public knowledge of these acts are best obtained from the Citizens Committee to Clean Up The Courts founder Sherman H. Skolnick. Mr. Skolnick may be reached at:

                   9800 S. Oglesby
                   Chicago, Illinois  60617
                   (312) 375-5741


Joseph Andreuccetti

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[Xerox copies of certified mail receipts showing that copies of these documents were delivered to the Department of the Treasury, the IRS, Sen. Robert Dole, Rep. James Leach, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, Lynett Redmer (see next document), Sen. Alfonse D'Amato, and to the U.S. Department of Justice's Tax Division.]

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


                      EASTERN DIVISION

MARK SATO et al., plaintiffs, )

vs. ) No. 92 C 7048

SHIRLEY PETERSON et al., defendants. ) Jury Demanded

Judge Wayne R. Andersen

Magistrate Judge Lefkow


To: Eugene J. Rossi, Office of the U.S. Attorney General, Tax

     Division, U.S. Department of Justice, P.O. Box 55, 
     Washington DC 20044;
     Eileen Marutzky, Office of the U.S. Attorney,
     219 South Dearborn St., Chicago, IL 60604;
     Internal Revenue Service, Kansas City, MO 64999

Please be informed that on October 17, 1994, we filed with the Clerk of the above Court, this Notice of Filing, with Certificate of Service below, together with attached Request for Admissions, Declaration of Andreuccetti and of Skolnick, and attached thereto six pages of records, all herewith served upon you.

Joseph Andreuccetti, plaintiff, pro se
990 County Line Road
Bensenville, IL 60106
(708) 860-9930

Sherman H. Skolnick, plaintiff, pro se
9800 So. Oglesby Ave.
Chicago, IL 60617
(312) 375-5741


The undersigned does hereby certify that he caused a copy of the attached Request for Admissions, Declaration of Andreuccetti and Skolnick, attached six pages of records, together with Notice of Filing set out above, on those named in Notice of Filing, on October 17, 1994.

(signed) Joseph Andreuccetti


Joseph Andreuccetti and Sherman H. Skolnick, plaintiffs, pro se, make this Request for Admissions of the defendants and state as follows:

  1. That on September 20, 1994, Skolnick and Andreuccetti went to the 14th floor of the building at 230 South Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois, Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation Division [C.I.D.]. Skolnick said he is a journalist and wishes to speak with the Chief or acting Chief of C.I.D.
  2. A woman came to a door, said she speaks for the Chief, later identifying herself as Lynette Redmer [see above, document #2], and ushered Skolnick and Andreuccetti to a conference room.
  3. Skolnick stated that he is a journalist, gave his card, and stated he is head of HOTLINE NEWS and participant of a TV Cable Show, "Broadsides", and founder/chairman, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts. He stated he is there with Andreuccetti, hereinafter "Joe", to report corruption, involving, among other things, corruption of U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee Jay Steinberg.
  4. Skolnick told her that Steinberg, in the name of Joe [Andreuccetti] has been preparing, and causing to be prepared, and causing to be filed, false and fraudulent federal tax returns.
  5. That Steinberg has concealed that there was a 900 thousand dollar embezzlement involving Christian Henning, Jr., who falsely stated he was a partner of Joe. That Joe was falsely and fraudulently put into involuntary bankruptcy in 1984, still pending, by, among other things, a purported loan to him by First National Bank of Cicero. That Joe never received said funds which instead were applied by Henning and others for other purposes. That said bank has been dominated by Henning's uncle, Paul Marcinkus, until recently head of the mafia-dominated Vatican Bank. That Henning had corrupted the U.S. Attorney's office here, including but not limited to Assistant U.S. Attorney William R. Hogan, Jr., now on administrative leave because of charges of misconduct. Result: that Henning escaped adequate punishment.
  6. Ms. Redmer, by words and statements, showed that she already knew and knew about much of the foregoing, and did not dispute Skolnick's recital of said facts and confirmed that Hogan took bribes, in civil and criminal matters, to protect Henning, Household International, Edward J. Lesniak, as in U.S. vs. John Best.
  7. By words and statements, in discussion with Skolnick, Ms. Redmer confirmed that her agency was having difficulty in an apparent tax evasion case being put together against Hogan. She confirmed that the difficulty was that Hogan was making charges, by way of rebuttal and blackmail, that upwards of six Federal judges in Chicago were corrupt, and took bribes, including but not limited to, Judge James F. Holderman, Judge Marvin E. Aspen, and Judge Suzanne B. Conlon.
  8. That Ms. Redmer was already fully aware of circumstances and details regarding Joe having been the owner of Kingspoint Condominiums, in Addison, Illinois. She was aware and confirmed that Robert Belavia together with Wallace Lieberman had stolen said property; that Lieberman on other occasions was a U.S. Bankruptcy auctioneer.
  9. She was aware that FBI agent Mike "Chuckie" Peters, who she knows, has been accused of murdering or arranging the murder of Lieberman near the First National Bank of Cicero, just before Christmas, 1991.
  10. She stated she worked on the Belavia case, and that higher- ups, in her agency, who she understood to be corrupt, were anxious to have Belavia prosecuted on some offense, to get him out of the way.
  11. By words and statements, she confirmed that top officials of her agency, on the next higher level, have corruptly taken as their own personal property the said Kingspoint property; and confirmed that this was aided and abetted by Edward J. Lesniak, Household International, [and] First National Bank of Cicero, among others.
  12. By words and statements, she confirmed that said corrupt doings by the higher-ups in her agency was accomplished by having the land titles and related records as to Kingspoint to disappear, to be unavailable by alleged computer so-called "glitches", and other devices of concealment of ownership.
  13. By words and statements, she confirmed that she recognized that Chief Bankruptcy Judge John D. Schwartz, in Joe's long- standing case, was highly corrupt. She did not deny or dispute that Judge Schwartz has a net worth of 140 million dollars and has not filed a proper federal tax return in thirty years. She cautioned Skolnick that it was improper for him, "to have those records," of her agency.
  14. She confirmed that she was aware of the facts of corruption at the highest level in the IRS in Chicago, as detailed about Chicago and Los Angeles in a Congressional committee report, in 1990, by Cong. Doug Barnard. She said, "Let's deal with Chicago -- don't tell me about L.A."
  15. She confirmed that she was aware that the higher-ups in her agency were secret and silent partners in at least two mafia- owned vending companies in Chicago Heights. That said corrupt IRS officials were aiding the mafia people to elude and escape IRS problems.
  16. She confirmed that her higher-ups, who she knew and understood to be corrupt, were allowing, permitting, and condoning various corrupt Bankruptcy Trustees, not just Jay Steinberg in Joe's matter, to file false and fraudulent federal tax returns and details; by way of concealing the plundering of bankrupt estates and money laundering the proceeds, or even putting persons and firms not actually bankrupt into the bankruptcy court to be plundered.
  17. She then and there said, "What is the point of you and me talking about all this when those higher up than me in the IRS are corrupt? What's the point of me even making a report?" Skolnick answered that his contacts in the building will watch to see how the higher-ups in her building are going to try to cover up my complaint. She said to Skolnick, "Do you have contacts in C.I.D.?" He said, "You can presume that."
  18. She used words and statements to show she had inside knowledge of Joe's problem. She referred to a 54 or more million dollar fund parked by Resolution Trust Corporation with Household International, part of the details of Joe's various pieces of litigation. Turning to Joe, she said, "Well your claim against the fund is mostly 32 million dollar punitive damage claim from your DuPage [County] matter," which Joe disputes. She said, "The transfer (secretly) of 50 million [dollars] to Little Rock, that was Whitewater, right?" Skolnick confirmed that is correct. "They only needed 47 (million) down there, what happened to the 3 million difference?" Confirming that she knew from inside details that the President and First Lady are accused by some in R.T.C. of being implicated in the embezzlement of 47 million dollars missing from Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan of Little Rock. "Do you know exactly where in a secret trust they have the 50 million in Little Rock?" she said to Skolnick, who said, "The 3 million difference is for so-called 'transportation' expense, that is, street tax." She was aware that John E. Gierum was implicated in said transfer and was a close crony of First Lady Hillary.
  19. She discussed with Skolnick and Joe a firm known as Glenrock Co., secretly owned by Chicago Mayor Richie Daley and his business crony Jeremiah Joyce. Skolnick said to her, "I notice you are not writing down anything about Glenrock." She answered, "That's the Rostenkowski matter -- I can't go into that."
  20. She confirmed that she knew and was aware that Glenrock, a multi-million dollar operation in Northlake, Illinois, Brookfield, Wisconsin, and Indianapolis, Indiana, did not keep proper records for IRS and did not pay their proper income tax, and confirming that the corruption was "wired all the way to the (IRS) Commissioner in Washington, D.C."
  21. That after a discussion between Skolnick, Joe, and the said Lynette Redmer, speaking as she said for the Chief of C.I.D., for some hour and a half, she stood up. As she did, Skolnick said to her, "Tell me, straight in front, is everything said by the three of us the truth -- you, me, and Joe? Do you already know it to be the truth?" She answered, "It is the truth, everything said in this room is the truth," and she ushered us out of the room and toward the elevators.
  22. As part of this Request for Admissions, plaintiffs attach hereto and make a part hereof, six pages, being true copies of (a) 4 pages received by Joe from IRS, Kansas City; and (b) two pages showing that Jay Steinberg, Bankruptcy Trustee in Joe's matter, caused to be purportedly prepared and filed tax returns in the name of Joseph Andreuccetti; said tax returns Joe contends are false and fraudulent, and the IRS higher ups are in a position to know they are false and fraudulent.
  23. At a time and place to be mutually agreed on between plaintiffs and defendants, plaintiffs ask that defendants produce for examination and copying by plaintiffs the matters hereinafter set forth.
  24. All records, books, papers, microfilm, microfiche, electronic or other non-paper technology storage and retrieval, relating to, or pertaining to, Internal Revenue Service officials taking for their own personal use and ownership, individually, and/or through relatives, straw people, nominees, ownership, beneficial interest, financial interest, hypothecated instruments, or other interest, directly or indirectly, the properties known as Kingspoint Condominiums, Addison, Illinois, or any previous name they go by, and the legal descriptions it is known by or referred to.
  25. All records and other versions of records as in paragraph 24, as to the 50 million dollar transfer, or amount thereabouts, of funds, already known to the defendant IRS, in the custody of Household International, transferred away from the Chicago area and kept or used in Arkansas or thereabouts.
  26. All records and versions of records as in par. 24, as to the purported IRS lien, levy, or similar instrument, as to house of Joseph Andreuccetti, 4 North 176 Maple Avenue, Bensenville, IL 60106, and the disposition, if any, of the same.
  27. All records and versions of records as in par. 24, as to or pertaining to Jay Steinberg, whether individually or as partner of Hopkins & Sutter, and/or as U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee, in the Joseph Andreuccetti litigation or related thereto, in that Steinberg has been causing to be prepared and filed with IRS and others, false and fraudulent tax returns purportedly for Joseph Andreuccetti.
  28. All records and versions of records as in par. 24, as to or pertaining to, Joseph Andreuccetti and Christian Henning, Jr., First National Bank of Cicero, Illinois, and/or successor names of said Bank such as Pinnacle Banc Group, and Joe and American Heritage Savings & Loan, and Household International, Household Bank or versions of said name, and Edward Lesniak and First National Bank of Cicero or successor names.
  29. All records and versions of records as in par. 24, as to or pertaining to Joseph Andreuccetti and John E. Gierum of Park Ridge, Illinois and Barton Kalish.

Respectfully submitted,

                   Joseph Andreuccetti, plaintiff, pro se
                   990 County Line Road, Bensenville, IL  60606
                   (708) 860-9930
                   Sherman H. Skolnick, plaintiff, pro se
                   9800 So. Oglesby Ave., Chicago, IL 60617
                   (312) 375-5741

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[ be continued...]

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