Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 4 Num. 79

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      From the suppressed airwaves of a frightened radio station
      in Nashville, Tennessee: WWCR, 5065 Kilohertz, Shortwave:
         INTELLIGENCE REPORT, (since silenced by Federal threat):

Part 2, 4/26, INTELLIGENCE REPORT on the Oklahoma City Bombing

TED GUNDERSON [retired F.B.I. official]: They [the technicians] said that if there is a forty-eight hundred pound fertilizer bomb, it takes more time to build up the shock wave. The pressure of the shock waves of a bomb of this type will build up to shatter windows and smaller objects, but it does NOT crush the pillars of the concrete structure.

Now, a high-"breisance" explosion is immediate, and it causes an immediate shattering of pillars, concrete, and high-density material.

Now, when we first saw that .... By the way, Mark Koernke is on the program with us.

Hi, Mark.

We're just listening. I'd like you to get everything out that you can.

It would be virtually impossible to control the direction of a forty-eight hundred pound fertilizer bomb. A bomb the size of a pineapple, wich is about two-by-nine [inches], and which weighs about eleven pounds, which is a deadly bomb -- it is very small, but it is very strong -- it would be very easy to control the direction of that bomb.

Now, looking back at the scene [of the explosion], we notice that almost the total half of that building was destroyed immediately. And the building across the street [from it] was not destroyed, except for some windows being blown out.

But I think you brought up a very interesting point. The Government initially said, "a car bomb of a thousand or more pounds." And then they went up to, I think, "a pick-up truck or a panel truck." And then they went up to "a 24-foot rental truck," in order to make the damage coincide with the size of the vehicle, and, of course, [to coincide with] the bomb itself.

Well, the one thing that struck me was that there was certainly [garbled] any collateral damage. My first impression .... and I'm not a demolitions expert, but the first impression that I got -- if you were to consider that building for a second as being made out of clay -- it almost looked like it was sliced. There was an explosion in that building, for sure, but it looked like it was blown out, not from the gound up, because if that were the case, using a device like that, there would be a fluting effect [the cutting of parallel, vertical grooves] on the building. But it would not cut from the bottom floor all the way up to the ninth floor.

I agree with you on that. Absolutely.
But the bottom line is that I don't think that we are being told the truth about what happened back there [in Oklahoma City] -- about the type of bomb, etcetera, etcetera.

(to be continued)

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