Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 6 Num. 03

("Quid coniuratio est?")

The Money Trail
By Sherman H. Skolnick
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The rogue BANK OF CREDIT and COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL [BCCI] arranged to bribe public officials around the world. For a short period, the BANK OF ENGLAND had the bribery list as a public record. In the United States, the corruption of public officials was, in part, to facilitate the penetration by BCCI of the American market. BCCI did what was natural: they bought the U.S. Congress. 28 U.S. Senators and 108 members of the House of Representatives were bribed, or blackmailed in such a way to show as if they had been, in fact, corrupted. Used were six Chicago commodity brokers, some with offices also in London. Instrumental, reportedly, in the deals, and also reportedly engaging in blackmail against the brokers, was Wendy Gramm (wife of U.S. Senator Phil Gramm, GOP Texas) then head of the supervising federal agency, COMMODITY FUTURES TRADING COMMISSION. (The reputed brokerage ringleader threatened to expose Wendy Gramm on other matters of corruption.)

In Swiss and other offshore secret, coded accounts, were parked the funds of 240 U.S. public officials benefitting from this and other forms of graft -- including the members of Congress. Highly skilled computer hackers, some contract operatives of the American CIA, French Secret Police, British Counter-Intelligence, and Israel's Mossad, found their way into these accounts, emptied out and wired out the funds, and left a false trail that the monies were supposedly transferred to the U.S. Treasury Holding Account, used to scoop up illicit assets abroad of U.S. citizens or their nominees.

The better part of some 5 billion dollars was unaccounted for in the pretended downfall in 1991 of BCCI. The funds were used mostly to promote BCCI's worldwide penetration of markets through bribery of key officials, including in the U.S.

A top official of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.), in the Enforcement Division, was aware and admitted to this writer that BCCI continued on, after the supposed 1991 collapse, in the form of an alter ego and successor, PINNACLE BANC GROUP, with their flagship being in the historical mafia- enclave of the Chicago suburb of Cicero -- called, naturally, First National Bank of Cicero. The bank in Cicero had long been dominated by Cicero Bishop Paul Marcinkus, who went on to become head of the mafia/CIA-linked Vatican Bank.

Congressional documents show that BCCI was practically a siamese twin of BANCA NAZIONALE del LAVORO (BNL), owned in part by the Vatican. BNL was known as the bank of PROPAGANDA DUE (P-2), the secret freemason society, made up of top judges, legislators, cabinet members, secret police, and journalists of Italy, France, England, and the United States. P-2 is devoted to overthrowing representative governments -- because they are "inefficient" -- and promoting the revival of fascism. Among its members have been George Bush and Alexander Haig. At one of the presidential inaugural balls in 1981, Bush arranged for the new president, Ronald Reagan, to sit right next to P-2 chief Lucio Gelli.

As part of an internal struggle and also a fight with the Vatican, P-2's top banker, Roberto Calvi, was murdered in 1982 and found hanging under Black Friar's Bridge, London. Network newswoman Jessica Savitch, who was doing a series of TV shows about this on Public Television, was apparently murdered and dumped in a canal as if by accident.

(References: "In God's Name", by David Yallop, and Luigi DiFonzo's "St. Peter's Banker". Yallop's book goes into the reasons why Pope John Paul I was murdered by poisoning in 1978. His successor, Pope John Paul II, was nearly assassinated in 1981, some believe for similar reasons -- not adequately catering to the traditional mafia. The other book details the financial affairs of mafia/CIA banker Michele Sindona and his attempts to penetrate the U.S. market. Sindona's dealings, on behalf of various Popes, were through Chicago exchanges.)

Still having Vatican passport and immunity, Marcinkus fled Italy in 1991 -- with Italian authorities trying to obtain custody of him to interrogate him for possible prosecution for massive fraud implicating the mafia, dope smuggling, gun running, and such. Marcinkus returned to the U.S., briefly residing in Chicago, and then taking up residence in Sun City, Arizona. Marcinkus returned to Chicago just in time to reportedly corruptly influence a special grand jury probe of the INSLAW affair -- the Justice Department and high officials in the Reagan and Bush administrations apparently stealing the highly complicated, copyright item of Inslaw, called PROMIS software. As part of the supposed Justice Department's investigation of itself, they appointed, as their special counsel to the grand jury, NICHOLAS J. BUA, a then-recently resigned Federal District Judge in Chicago. Bua in 1991 had resigned the bench without explanation, shortly after a Public Access Cable TV Show (operated by this writer) fingered Bua as the head of P-2's Grand Mother Lodge of North America, headquartered in Chicago.

Bua's report on the Inslaw affair was identified by Inslaw's attorneys as a whitewash and a cover-up of high crimes, including the Justice Department's complicity, through a secret unit, in the murder of key witnesses, such as the strange death in 1991 of free lance journalist DANNY CASOLARO working on a book he called "The Octopus" about an intricate network of high crimes and criminals.

The BCCI bribery/blackmail list of Congress, written about exclusively in 1991 by this writer, was known to the Bush administration and others. The list, not divulged in the popular press, was used to manipulate various political situations. Examples:

(1) A majority of the members of the U.S. Senate Committee considering whether to ratify President George Bush's appointment of CLARENCE THOMAS to the U.S. Supreme Court were on the bribery/blackmail list, once, strangely, a brief, open record of the Bank of England. When Thomas' confirmation was before the entire Senate, most of the eleven Democrat votes needed to put it up and over the top were Senators on the bribery/blackmail list.

(2) The BCCI bribery/blackmail list was used in 1991-1992 to torpedo some efforts by Congressional Committees supposedly devoted to investigating "OCTOBER SURPRISE" -- whether or not George Bush and others arranged a treasonous deal in 1980 with Iran to delay release of American hostages, so as to screw Jimmy Carter's presidential re-election bid and put in the Reagan/Bush ticket. The hostages were released in January, 1981, a few minutes after Reagan was inaugurated as the new president.

P-2, by the way, uses the "Politics of Tension" to promote repression. Violence and anarchy designed to have the common people demand a crack-down and the "Iron Fist", Mussolini-style. For that purpose, P-2 engages in massive bombings and commotions -- such as the Bologna, Italy, railroad station bombing in 1980, killing 86 people -- and through P-2's confederates in the press, planting false stories that the then-current dissidents did the bombing, such as the "RED BRIGADES". A brave Italian magistrate later proved P-2 did it. (The Oklahoma City bombing bears a P-2- like signature.)

[ be continued...]

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-- Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-Chief

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