Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 6 Num. 04

("Quid coniuratio est?")

The Money Trail
By Sherman H. Skolnick
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The bribery/blackmail of the U.S. House and Senate turned out to be a cynical exercise. The bulk of the BCCI/BNL funds, supposedly "deposited" in offshore banks, such as in Switzerland and the Grand Caymans, for the American legislators were, in fact, stolen back by the highly skilled hackers and became reportedly the basis for BCCI's reincarnation as PINNACLE BANC GROUP.

Related events:

--- Vincent W. Foster, Jr., and Hillary Rodham Clinton, on behalf of the Rose Law Firm and Jackson Stephens and Worthen Bank Group, arranged for BCCI to penetrate the American market. (A related story, not mentioned by others in the popular press, was in the New York Post, 02/08/92.) Some are unaware that Jackson Stephens runs the largest bond house outside of Wall Street, with offices, such as in Atlanta, intersecting with BCCI and BNL.

--- The five billion dollar scandal of arms for Iraq disguised as U.S. Agriculture loans through BNL/Atlanta implicated more than just George Bush. Also possibly incriminated would be Clinton's financial backers, such as Jackson Stephens. (You can see why BCCI/BNL reportedly bribed and/or blackmailed the chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee.)

--- BCCI/BNL intersects with a reputed dope money laundry spreading out in all directions, called HOUSEHOLD INTERNATIONAL and HOUSEHOLD BANK, now headquartered in Prospect Heights, a Chicago suburb. Household is the successor to the CIA front, the NUGAN-HAND BANK of Australia. Part of a RESOLUTION TRUST CORPORATION fund parked with Household International -- fifty million dollars of the 58.4 million dollar fund -- was secretly transferred to Little Rock, an attempted cover up of 47 million dollars stolen and/or embezzled from MADISON GUARANTY SAVINGS & LOAN, reportedly implicating Bill and Hillary Clinton.

A public access cable TV show in Chicago (run by this writer) fingered Household as the reputed money laundry for "CHINA WHITE", high purity heroin now flooding the U.S., smuggled into the U.S. through Joliet, just south of Chicago. (The DEA and Justice Department bosses -- including Mark Prosperi, head of the Organized Crime Drug Task Force -- confronted on this by this writer, have planted misleading stories that "China White" is being smuggled into the Chicago area by Nigerians.)

Also reportedly implicated in the "China White" smuggling into the Chicago area has been former Illinois governor Jim Thompson, more recently chairman of the 400-member worldwide law firm, headquartered in Chicago, WINSTON & STRAWN. Their District of Columbia office is headed by Foster's brother-in-law, BERYL ANTHONY, former Arkansas congressman who somehow escaped prosecution in the House Bank mess. Foster's sister, SHEILA FOSTER ANTHONY, has headed up a Justice Department section instrumental in the appointments of new federal Judges, U.S. District Attorneys, and U.S. Marshals.

Thompson has supervised CIA covert operations, reportedly including dope/gun-running money laundries, through his position on the FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE ADVISORY BOARD (FIAB).

--- Vince Foster aided CIA in clandestine gold transactions through his role with a Caymans bank, going back to the late 1970s when he started as the military equivalent of a general with the NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY -- code crackers and satellite controllers and such. Foster headed up their bank spying project, spying on money transfers from and to foreign banks, including Central Banks, from 1983 to and including the time he became Clinton White House deputy counsel: 1993. While in the Clinton White House, Foster was also with NSA.

Assisting Foster with the secret gold transactions for CIA was the reputed mafia representative on the LONDON GOLD POOL. This reputed mafioso has links to top officials of the FBI counter- intelligence and the U.S. Secret Service. (Little known: the Secret Service depends on mafia people to inform the government of any "loners" plotting to harm the president and other top federal officials traveling into or through the city the mafioso resides in.) This reputed mafioso lives, naturally, a few blocks away from PINNACLE BANC GROUP's flagship, First National Bank of Cicero. His influence and links are reportedly through the Archbishop of Milan, Italy, reportedly his cousin. A sideline of his reportedly was peddling stolen FOOD STAMPS -- some food stores, exempt from U.S. Treasury regulations on ten thousand dollars or more deposits of cash having to be identified, sometimes deposit mysteriously large amounts of food stamps in a bank instead of cash -- food stamps in pristine condition apparently never handled by usual eligible recipients.

Foster's widow, Lisa, heavily medicated by mood-altering PROZAC (claimed by some to cause dangerous side effects and memory loss), recently made the statement that she examined various transactions of her late husband for the six years prior to his death. According to published accounts: "She went through all his files, putting together a list of names for all his phone calls and logging his American Express records for six years to rebut allegations of secret Swiss accounts and CIA-sponsored drug smuggling." (Emphasis added.) Strange, but the popular press never previously referred to those allegations. See: Chicago Tribune, 09/04/95, page 3, Sec. 1.

Question: Is someone heavily medicated by PROZAC a credible, dependable witness? Some experienced trial attorneys greatly question Lisa Foster's credibility under the circumstances that there may be a high-level cover up of the details of her husband's violent death -- a cover up that she may not be in a position to rebut or combat.

Question: Did Lisa Foster know that her husband's body was handled by a mortuary with reported links to the Defense Department and CIA? The mortuary reportedly specialized in handling sensitive situations where CIA covert operators were murdered in the U.S. or overseas.

The money trail, linking to several of the foregoing situations, was reportedly covered up by ROBERT CESCA, once acting Inspector General for the U.S. Treasury. Some contend Cesca is the highest ranking mafia representative in the United States.

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Mr. Skolnick is founder/chairman, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts, since 1963. Since 1971, editor, HOTLINE NEWS, recorded message, on 24 hours/day, (312) 731-1100. Since 1991, regular panel member on "Broadsides", popular public access Cable TV Show, Chicago. Office (8 a.m. to midnight): (312) 375-5741. 9800 So. Oglesby, Chicago IL 60617.

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