Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 6 Num. 17

("Quid coniuratio est?")


I received the following from a CN reader. I phoned and talked with Mrs. Herman and verified that the following is indeed of her own authorship. Note that I personally have little knowledge as to these events and take neither side in this matter.

-- Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-Chief

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[CN Reader:]
Received a copy of a letter who receive it from Mrs. Russell Herman in response to a recent Conspiracy article. He asked if I could get it on on-line. This is her words, not mine and not the complete letter dated 9/24/95..

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[Mrs. Herman:]
"It is not known by me, what Mr. Rothstein is sniffing, inhaleing or puffing, however this is most assuredly not a conversation which was held betwee Myself and Mr. Rothstein -- at anytime. I have had a talk with this individual, and my talk was about: TELLING A DAMMED LIE!

After talking to Mr. Rothstein, advising him of his mis- information he was requested to "get the story straight," and that he was to quit selling information on Russell Herman, as the information which he is distributing is "deliberate dis- information.

I wonder if DEE FERDINAND, Al Caron's daughter, knows Mr. Rothstein -- is going about -- selling informations which Mr. Rothstein is suppose to be gathering -- for her -- and 140 other CIA and Military Intelligence Personnel family members, who have lost their family members by ACTS OF MURDER, and "no one has an area of jurisdiction over the murders" ...

Bye the way, Mr. Rothstein -- I RECORDED OUR CONVERSATIONS -- and I can prove what was said -- QUIT LYING. Also you know, when "I" do an investigation IT'S DONE! WITHOUT PREJUDICE!

Mrs. Russell Herman, PO Box 477 Okawville, IL 62271

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