Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 6 Num. 20

("Quid coniuratio est?")

"DC DAVE" -- 10/05/95

"DC Dave" works in Washington, DC, in "the belly of the beast". Some may remember him as a weekly guest on the "Jazz" McKay radio show, 3WE, out of Cleveland. He used to read his poems, into the night, via that venue.

I asked Dave what is the atmosphere like in DC these days. He says "rainy". But I clarified that I meant in terms of the vibes in that city. The Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi had been "OM"-ing the place, trying to raise the spirits there, but had finally left town, muttering angrily that Washington, DC is "a sea of mud". So Dave answered as follows:

"What I felt, as I walked over in front of the White House, and I looked at the security precautions around the front of the White House... goes like this. (Let's call it 'Washington, DC'... 'Dateline: Washington DC'):"

Up by the White House's business face, Pennsylvania's blocked off, down to Madison Place. Halfway encircling Lafayette's square They've put New Jersey barricades there. By the broad black expanse of the avenue, Policemen are standing, with nothing to do But glare at the tourists, here hoping to see Some tokens of our nation's majesty.
Though all of the structures are sturdy and solid, The message projected is shabby and squalid: The symbols of historic bravery here
Have been overwhelmed by the symbols of fear.

DC Dave went to college with the late Vince Foster and so has an above-average interest in the supposed "suicide" of the White House aide. He has followed the case closely and has even been a guest panelist, along with another Foster interlocutor, Hugh Sprunt, investigating the ever-growing mystery and being hounded for doing so.

"I think that [Foster] was killed not because he was worse than those people he was associating with," says Dave, "but because he was better than those people he was associating with."

When I asked him about the recent allegations by Jim Norman, a former senior editor at Forbes magazine, as to Foster having been a spy, a traitor, and a cheap crook stashing his payoffs in a Swiss bank account, DC Dave urged caution: "I'm not sure how reliable Norman is. You've got to look out for disinformation in this business. I am very reluctant to entertain any kind of theory that would cast aspersions on Foster."

Yet, as noted, Dave most definitely does not accept the official version of Foster's death: that he walked through Fort Marcy Park, shot himself in the head, and then lay down with both arms at his sides. He has, like many, been screaming his head off that something is very peculiar about Foster's death and the circumstances surrounding it. Hoping that the Washington Times might be bold in opening up some questions in the matter, he wrote a letter to them:

...Brother-in-law, former representative Beryl Anthony, was in much closer harmony with acquaintances in Arkansas who have spoken for attribution when he angrily denounced [insinuations that Foster had been depressed:] "Strong, solid, stable and responsible, a successful professional litigator, accustomed to pressure and hard work, Vince Foster hardly seemed the type who would take his own life because of a few minor setbacks and a hectic schedule."

Other news reports describe him as a man of uncommon intelligence and integrity.

You may label me a cynic, but it seems to me that such is our current conditions that those qualities alone would mark him as a prime candidate not for suicide, but for murder.

The Washington Times did not print Dave's letter.

DC Dave has a book coming out soon, The New Moral Order, containing 6 essays ("...mainly on the Foster death; a couple on the Kennedy assassination...") and 124 poems. You can write to him at:

DC Dave
PO Box 222381
Chantilly, Virginia 22022

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