Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 6 Num. 23

("Quid coniuratio est?")



By Sherman H. Skolnick

The whole focus in the O.J. SIMPSON AFFAIR -- the trial, comments within the courtroom and outside the Court -- was that RON GOLDMAN just happened to be there and was murdered along with O.J.'s ex-wife NICOLE BROWN SIMPSON.

The Los Angeles prosecutor knows that is not what it really is all about. The L.A. police know. The judge knows likewise. So does the judge's wife. And so does the mainstream media. They are all in a position to know and to lie to us.

The press has led us away from the real story into a race relations nightmare.

The background: Because of a peculiar situation in drug traffic control, or supposed control, the U.S. DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION has California as a separate jurisdiction, just as if it were a foreign country. Law enforcement in California are well aware that the Japanese mafia is the major force in narcotics smuggling in California and through Chicago.

DEA documents refer to their undercover teams' reports about the double murder, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Key players in the butchering of the two were a drug hit team -- a specialty of the Japanese mafia, the YAKUZA. Ron Goldman was reportedly implicated in a major drug traffic group, specializing in distribution of narcotics to prominent people, such as the ones that might go to the fancy restaurant where Goldman was supposedly a waiter. (Fancy people, by the way, get dope on credit, and can end up owing hundreds of thousands of dollars.)

Every once in a while the dope traffickers have to send out a message -- anyone that is a customer that fails to pay may get his or her legs broken, or get chopped up ready for the cemetery.

Nicole reportedly got custody and control of part of O.J.'s business interests -- including some fast food stores, like those that serve chickens -- a result of the bitter divorce contest between O.J. and his wife. Corrupt California police brass reportedly became sort of silent owners/operators of the businesses. And the whole set up reportedly was to distribute dope and wash the illicit cash through California banks.

The Japanese own most every bank headquartered in California -- and of the Japanese, a sizeable portion are Yakuza. The banks are big -- WELLS FARGO BANK and BANK AMERICA. So the monopoly press say very little about the banks and the Yakuza. After all, the Japanese have had a big stake in the U.S., in real estate, the movie and entertainment businesses, records and music industry, and much more.

O.J. trial judge Ken Ito's wife, MARGARET YORK, has been a top official in the L.A. police. In the past, she has been in charge of internal affairs -- that is, in charge of investigating corruption within the police department. She also reportedly has been the liaison to the DEA.

Corruption of the police because of the dope traffic is an everyday affair -- in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York -- all the dope hot spots. Margaret York was in a key position to know what it was all about. She reportedly had available the DEA documents referring to the double murder and who was really implicated. Do you suppose she talks to her husband, the judge? So it has to be presumed Judge Ken Ito knew all along what the score is.

Judge Ito, of course, was the gate-keeper as to what evidence was allowed in or not. And the Judge refused to allow evidence and testimony relating to all this. Was that just a mere coincidence? Was his wife's role in all this likewise just a mere coincidence?

The DEA has to be forced, by public pressure, to make public the documents of their undercover teams. A special Federal Grand Jury has to ask some questions, such as:

Did Fred Goldman, the father of Ron, know what his son was into? Where did the big pile of money come from that Ron, the supposed waiter, was using right up to his death to plan to open a restaurant in Arizona with the same fancy name as the one he was working at in California? A perfect set up, in the view of some. Law enforcement, savvy about the dope trade, believe that is for the distribution of dope and washing the cash proceeds.

Who murdered, recently, another waiter at the same restaurant Ron was working at? Was that waiter also killed by the dope hit team? Was that waiter a room-mate of Ron?

Were Ron and his room-mate part of a massive dope distribution group in with the Yakuza? Did they double-cross someone in the Yakuza or the corrupt police? Did they all specialize in supplying dope on credit to fancy people, such as the ones coming to the restaurant in California? Or the ones to the restaurant Ron was about to open in Arizona?

Some in the DEA contend they would like to ask Fred Goldman, Ron's father, a few hard questions. But, are prevented by the climate of public opinion whipped up by Fred Goldman who has directed discussion in network appearances into issues of religion and Hitler and such.

Does this all relate to Ron Goldman reportedly being part of a homosexual ring assisting the Yakuza in dope distribution to fancy people, movie stars, celebrities, and such? Does O.J. know what this is all about? Do his lawyers also know? Did the prosecution team also have reason to know?

The bottom line: Will the judge and his wife some day end up in jail for all this?

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I neither necessarily agree nor disagree with either all or portions of the preceding. Persons mentioned are invited to send their rebuttals, of reasonable length, to for probable distribution.

-- Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-Chief

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Since 1963, Mr. Skolnick is founder/chairman of a public interest group, CITIZENS' COMMITTEE TO CLEAN UP THE COURTS, researching and investigating judicial bribery and political murders. Updates of the group's work is on HOTLINE NEWS, of which Skolnick is editor since 1971 -- 5 minute recorded phone commentary message: (312) 731-1100, a regular phone call, on 24 hours/day, changed several times per week. Since 1991, he is co-host of a hugely popular Public Access Cable TV Show, "Broadsides", in Chicago and suburbs. His comments appear on various categories on INTERNET. Office (8 a.m. to midnight, 7 days): (312) 375-5741, 9800 So. Oglesby Ave., Chicago, IL 60617. Call before sending FAX.

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