Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 6 Num. 26

("Quid coniuratio est?")


By Sherman H. Skolnick
[CN Transcript of reading by Mr. Skolnick]

More about the secret reports of the DEA on O.J. Simpson:

Secret reports of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration reportedly detail the who, what and when of the double murder. According to the reports, DEA undercover teams had been tracking Ron Goldman, part of a major homosexual drug-smuggling force: dope, on credit, to fancy people at fancy restaurants, like where Ron was a waiter.

Ron was the major DEA target, not Nicole. She had taken over the ownership of O.J.'s fast food stores. The real owners/operators, the reports contend, have been corrupt top California police.

As fingered by the report, the dope loot was washed through banks headquartered in California owned mostly by the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia: Wells Fargo Bank, interlocked with Household International and Household Bank, and Bank America, holding firm for Bank of America, now owners of the Continental Bank of Chicago.

Tracking Nicole, the reports state, were O.J.'s private detectives -- his jealousy. They, along with DEA teams and extreme low-lux video, witnessed a dope hit team butchering both Ron and Nicole, Samurai style.

The reports hint O.J. trial judge Lance Ito is a cover-up artist. The judge's wife, Margaret York, has been a top L.A. Police official in charge of investigations of police corruption. The reports identify her as liaison to DEA and quite familiar with details in these DEA documents and files.

Judge Ito blocked efforts of O.J. defense counsel Johnny Cochran from putting in details relating to all this. Defense counsel Robert Shapiro, however, has reportedly been very close to major drug traffickers.

Since O.J. knew of the double murder, through his detectives, is O.J. a murder accomplice by going along with the cover up?

The DEA is bitter. They have been blocked, reportedly, in targeting Ron's father, Fred Goldman, who has mobilized public opinion in the cover up.

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[CN Transcript of 10/13/95 interview with Mr. Skolnick]

So there's a video of the murder?

Extreme low-lux. They've got cameras that work in minimum light.

So there is a video of the actual murders.


Somethin' else is, this room-mate friend of Ron Goldman's...

I mentioned that in the previous story, that he's been murdered recently and that he also worked as a waiter.

Because of the huge volume of phone calls that's been coming into our recorded commentary, we've had to abbreviate our message to half the usual size. The reason for that is the great amount of busy signal backup. We may have to run an even shorter message. Currently we're handling 300 calls per hour on our machinery, and there still is a tremendous signal backup at some times of the day.

Why are they keeping these DEA reports secret?

These reports would rip the lid off Los Angeles and the country. It would show that there is a tremendous cover up. And, as I reported in previous stories, Judge Lance Ito, his wife Margaret York, some of the defense attorneys, and others, would have to be prosecuted themselves and put in prison.

At the murder scene there were, reportedly, three teams: there was the DEA undercover team, there were the private detectives of O.J., and there was the dope hit team that, Samurai style, committed the double murder.

Do you know how many were in the hit team itself?

I will describe that in a separate story.

The press is playin' up this thing, big time, like it's "white vs. black".

Yeah. We've already taped a one-hour cable TV show. But because public access cable is not "spot news", it won't go on the air until Monday, October 30th.

On the program, we mention that actually six journalists in the United States are familiar with the DEA reports. I am one of those. The other five, because their editors are chicken or whatever, are not going with it. But I'm not the only one that is working on these stories or is aware of these reports.

[Margaret York, as liaison to DEA, presumably knew of these reports.] At key points in the trial, Judge Lance Ito blocked one of the defense attorneys, Johnny Cochran, from putting into evidence details that relate to these reports. Whether Johnny Cochran did or did not have knowledge of the actual DEA undercover team reports is not the point. He apparently knew of the situation and tried to put it in evidence, testimony relating to it. And the judge, as the evidence gate-keeper, blocked him. And that, under the circumstances, is very incriminating.

As to why Ron Goldman was the target of the murder squad, there's various explanations. He may have in some way crossed-up the Yakuza. He was the principal target of the murder squad. (Although that is not to say that Nicole could not also have been the target because of her role in the thing.)

Notice that the mass media have put the principal target as Nicole and that Ron Goldman was there at the wrong time and the wrong place, simply by accident, because he was bringing back Nicole's mother's glasses, reportedly left at the restaurant where Ron was a waiter.

They've got this "million man march" coming up this Monday. And the press has so far played this thing up like there's a "huge" racial divide on this murder trial. And with the "million man march" coming up, that would play into the press's hands.

Well, as mentioned on our cable TV show, I say that the ultra- rich rule us in this country by the British method of "divide and conquer". And everybody on the panel, on the show, agreed that that possibly was happening. Because the press is causing this race relations nightmare. They're causing it. They go around interviewing blacks, and then they interview whites, and then they play it up with shows, with pundits and all that. And they fan the flames.

There has been a somewhat better atmosphere in recent times on race relations. It was getting a little better. Now, it has gone back to the extreme where, in some offices where blacks and whites work together, because of the O.J. verdict and the commotions, there's some people at each other's throats.

One final thing: you've seen this DEA report?

I have to carefully state what I say:

I'll answer in this way: The government presumes that we have a copy of the report. And what demonstrates that presumption is a threat by a pair of government sources, directed against me and associates of mine.

That's all the questions I have, unless there is something else you wanted to say.

This is the atomic bomb of all scandals, as far as I'm concerned.

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I neither necessarily agree nor disagree with either all or portions of the preceding. Persons mentioned are invited to send their rebuttals, of reasonable length, to for probable distribution.

-- Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-Chief

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