Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 6 Num. 29

("Quid coniuratio est?")


Prairienet, the freenet, a.k.a. "socialism in action", has stuck it to me and to you once again. "How's that?" you say?

This latest maneuver by the grand commisars of prairienet goes as follows:

(1) I had been forwarding complaints from readers to the grand commisars of prairienet as to the various problems they had been having with the CN (Conspiracy Nation) mailing list; e.g., getting two copies of the CN, getting a half a copy of the CN, etc.
(2) The grand commisars of prairienet just last week informed me, "Well, we'll temporarily leave the list as is (unfixed), and then when we get the new, improved prairienet with the 'bluestem' system, then we'll fix your mailing list for CN." (3) In the lexicon of the grand commisars of prairienet, "temporary" seems to mean months. This is based on, for example, the July 20, 1995 shut down of "dired" with the message that it was "temporary". "Dired" is still shut down, 3 months later. So much for "temporary". (4) So, bottom line: I am effectively being censored by the grand commisars of prairienet -- "temporarily" of course. The CN mass mailings are not going out to all those thousands who should be receiving said mailings.
(5) Hypothesis: (a) given that "insiders" at prairienet receive special privileges -- this based on my own experience as an "information provider" granted two hours access per dial-in versus the normal one hour limit -- we have PREMISE #1: at prairienet, all are equal, but some are more equal than others; (b) PREMISE #2: CN is highly controversial and has probably offended just about everyone at some time or other; (c) CONCLUSION: Has one of the grand commisars at prairienet utilized their perks as an insider to routinely sabotage the CN mass mailer? Given one or more grand commisars with inside access and a grudge against CN, is sabotage against CN by said commisar(s) a far-fetched hypothesis? Is the CN mailing list being sabotaged? Is that why it works so erratically and now not at all?
(6) What are the funds received by prairienet? It says it is a "freenet", but it must get money from somewhere. Yes, we know it gets donations -- but does it get money from the government in any way, shape or form?
(7) The grand commisars may tell me something like, "Well, if you're dissatisfied with prairienet, then you should volunteer to help things get better. Oh great commisars! I already am a volunteer! I volunteer providing information to a worldwide audience of the readers of Conspiracy Nation! If I volunteer with the prairienet, then my current volunteering with CN will suffer.
(8) Yes, I did make a suitable donation during the last prairienet fund drive.

So this is to explain to all readers of CN that, for now, you will have to read your CN in alt.conspiracy. I am working on the situation, but you see my efforts are time consuming whereas one grand commisar with a grudge merely has to tinker around with the mailer from time to time in order to wreak havoc and effectively censor my output.

Prairienet: "Socialism in action"

Prairienet: "Where all are equal, but some are more equal than others"

Prairienet: "Where 'temporary' means at least three months"

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