Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 6 Num. 33

("Quid coniuratio est?")


By Sherman H. Skolnick
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A lawsuit charges the Illinois ATTORNEY REGISTRATION AND DISCIPLINARY COMMISSION [ARDC] of being a spy operation. Brought in the federal district court in Chicago, the suit was brought by two non-lawyers and a lawyer, each representing themselves.

The suit seeks to knock down as unconstitutional certain Illinois state laws and provisions setting up a vast apparatus for spying and dirty tricks against both non-lawyers and lawyers. The State Laws empower, the suit charges, a secret court, called the Board of Inquiry, meeting in secret and without records or requiring sworn testimony, like the infamous Court of Star Chamber of British history, outlawed in 1642.

Constitutional scholars contend that U.S. Constitutional Bill of Rights was to outlaw Court of Star Chamber in the United States.

Among the charges in the highly detailed 42-page complaint:

-- The Secret Court seeks to evade and circumvent the Chicago federal court Consent Decree of 1982, outlawing spying and dirty tricks by the FBI and police "Red Squad" against law- abiding citizens who actively dissent against government policies.

-- This spy apparatus actively puts both non-lawyers and lawyers under intensive surveillance and investigation, tracking their private lives, home residences, their politics deemed to be incorrect, their businesses, their comings and goings from state and federal court, and such.

-- That the A.R.D.C. spy apparatus and operatives do this "in joint operations with various state and federal espionage and intelligence agencies, including but not limited to IRS Criminal Investigation Division and Intelligence Division, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the U.S. Treasury's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, military intelligence groups and units, Army Security Agency, National Security Agency, among others."

-- That the A.R.D.C., as defendant, operates under both State Laws and regulations, and under customs, practices, and usages, having the force of State Law, all challenged as unconstitutional.

-- Under those provisions, sole practitioner lawyers, with incorrect politics, who actively associate with non-lawyers in fingering corruption of the bench and bar are sought to be destroyed with false charges. These sole practitioners are not permitted to make a defense to these attempts to destroy their valuable property, namely, their license to practice law.

One of the plaintiffs, an attorney sole practitioner, ROBERT E. CLEVELAND of Chicago, says the defendants seek to destroy him with false minor charges because he publicly and actively associates with non-lawyers who identify corruption of the bench and the bar. Cleveland has been a whistle-blower since at least 1977, when he identified corruption of the County Board of (Tax) Appeals, corruptly lowering property taxes for some.

Cleveland's problems stemmed from and escalated when he appeared in June, 1993, on a very popular Public Access Cable TV Show, co- hosted by a non-lawyer, SHERMAN H. SKOLNICK, called "Broadsides", available to 400,000 households in Chicago, the suit states. Skolnick has been active for more than three decades as the head of a public-interest group, CITIZENS' COMMITTEE TO CLEAN UP THE COURTS, disclosing corruption of the bench and the bar, and political murders. On the program, Cleveland condemned bench and bar corruption. He is on the show from time to time.

Skolnick, one of the three plaintiffs, is described in the suit as "a journalist, broadcaster, and crusader against judicial corruption." Plaintiff JOSEPH ANDREUCCETTI, a client of Cleveland, assists in the production of the "Broadsides" Cable TV Show which is on most Monday evenings for one hour.

Andreuccetti, a non-lawyer, states the A.R.D.C. operatives sought to terrorize him into false testimony so as to assist Andreuccetti's enemies and opponents in the State and Federal Courts, including Bishop PAUL MARCINKUS, recent head of the VATICAN BANK. An A.R.D.C. operative confirmed that Skolnick and Andreuccetti are under active and intensive surveillance and investigation by this spy apparatus as to their private lives, incorrect politics, and such.

According to testimony by Skolnick, he has been assisted by Cleveland in investigating what appears to be the one million dollar embezzlement of the DuPAGE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION, just west of Chicago. Skolnick identified the targets of the embezzlement probe as DAVID F. ROLEWICK, a defendant in the lawsuit, an attorney of suburban Wheaton and Chairman of an A.R.D.C. Hearing Board Panel. Others reportedly implicated in the embezzlement include ALDO BOTTI, an attorney of suburban Oak Brook, and WILLIAM F. CELLINI, a power broker for the past Illinois Governor JIM THOMPSON, and the present governor JIM EDGAR.

(During the summer of 1995, Skolnick and Cleveland were doing a TV Production on-location near the offices of Aldo Botti. They were investigating and discussing on-camera reports that Botti, with a reputed espionage background, is the reported representative of the Mafia-CIA-linked Vatican Bank, linked to Andreuccetti's 12 years of state and federal court litigation. Botti had Skolnick and Cleveland arrested on what they claim are false charges to interfere with their TV production and violate their First Amendment rights.)

Cellini and his family reportedly go all the way back to AL CAPONE. Cellini owns a series of companies, including Argosy Gaming, that owns various riverboat and other gambling casinos. Cellini reportedly gets payments, under the table, from various gambling casinos nationwide. His sister is a top aide to Illinois Governor Edgar.

According to an undisputed document attached to the suit, defendant Rolewick perpetrated, as the Chairman of a Hearing Board Panel, a fraud upon his own tribunal in 1994. This was done by Rolewick seeking to suborn perjury from various witnesses, by badgering them, to testify falsely against Andreuccetti, who is a non-lawyer, in matters that did not pertain to the Hearing Board Panel. All this, for the purpose of damaging Andreuccetti and benefitting recent Vatican Bank chief Marcinkus and various banks in the Chicago area dominated by the Vatican, including First National Bank of Cicero (now part of Pinnacle Banc Group, alter ego and successor to the infamous Bank of Credit and Commerce International), First Midwest Bank, and Household International and Household Bank.

In another proceeding in 1995, Rolewick as Hearing Board Panel Chairman tried to scare Skolnick, a non-lawyer, with threats of interference with his liberty. This, because Skolnick dared to directly accuse Rolewick to his face as being reportedly implicated in the embezzlement of the DuPage County Bar Association being investigated and disclosed by Skolnick and Cleveland, and implicating Aldo Botti and Cellini, the suit charges.

Another Hearing Board Panel member, Gerald J. Porento, seeking to assist Rolewick in all this, according to the suit, is corporate attorney for COMMONWEALTH EDISON, one of the major stockholders being the Vatican. That the Vatican and Commonwealth Edison are targets of an effort by Skolnick to compel the Atomic Energy authorities to ban the Vatican ownership: Edison is the largest owner of nuclear energy facilities to generate electricity; laws regarding atomic energy make it unlawful for a foreign power, such as the Vatican, to own nuclear facilities in the United States.

Cleveland, according to the suit, has assisted Skolnick and Andreuccetti in investigating and disclosing the matter of WILLIAM R. HOGAN, JR., an assistant U.S. Attorney from Chicago, on administrative leave. The U.S. Justice Department is dragging their feet in probing Hogan's reported misconduct in cases involving the narco-terrorist street gang known as the El Rukns.

The suit charges the secret and threatening operations of the A.R.D.C. and their operatives, against the plaintiffs, is to try to find out how Skolnick, Cleveland, and Andreuccetti know that Hogan is blocking the investigation against him by counter- charging that six federal judges in Chicago take bribes: three in the U.S. District Court and three in the federal appeals court in Chicago.

Hogan also reportedly was corrupted to cover up the role of Household International, the Vatican Bank, and other financial entities, in the massive swindling of a savings and loan, subject of a criminal proceedings where the Vatican and others should have been defendants but were not.

The suit asks for the convening of a special Three-Judge District Court to hear plaintiffs challenge that the State Law provisions authorizing the A.R.D.C. to do all this are unconstitutional, as depriving plaintiffs of federal constitutionally protected rights, privileges, and immunities.

The suit also states that it is brought on behalf of all others similarly situated. The plaintiffs ask that the litigation be certified as a class action, since the persons spied on and such are too numerous to be all joined. Also the suit states that the defendants should be listed as a class action, since the state and federal agencies involved in the espionage and intelligence complained of are too numerous to all be named in the suit.

To interfere with his First Amendment rights as a reporter and the freedom of the press, the defendants, the suit charges, blocked Skolnick from interviewing a key witness, Christian Henning Jr., nephew/godson of recent Vatican Bank Chief Marcinkus and a key player in the fraud against Andreuccetti in the state and federal courts.

The suit was filed October 10, 1995, in the U.S. District Court in Chicago and is pending as Civil Action No. 95 C 5775. The suit is known as a Verified Complaint, having the signed declaration by all three plaintiffs that the matters stated therein are true and correct to their personal knowledge.

The defendants include MARY ROBINSON, Administrator of the A.R.D.C.

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I neither necessarily agree nor disagree with either all or parts of the preceding. Persons mentioned are invited to send their rebuttals, of reasonable length, to for probable distribution.

-- Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-Chief

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