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I spoke by phone with Mr. Sherman Skolnick of the Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts on November 7, 1995. Following are excerpts from that interview.

Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-chief

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[I asked Mr. Skolnick for further background on his current recorded message, (312) 731-1100, and included below at the end of our interview.]

It was part of the 50 year deal with the Pope.

The Pope and other bankers agreed to give a lot of money to Israel, so Israel would give up a piece of what little land they have to the Palestinians, some of whom are Christians.

However, they sent Cardinal Bernadin over there to double-check on things. And, evidently, he found out that although the Israelis got the money, they planned, after they became more independent, despite everything, to throw the Palestinians out.

So, since they thought this Rabin and the others were gonna renege on the deal, they blew him away.

One thing about that is that, originally, Rabin and Shimon Peres were both gonna come down from the stage together -- but Peres stayed back, all right? And that kept him from gettin' killed. Do you see anything suspicious there?

I don't know {1}.

But it's of foreign sponsorship, the assassination.

What about where Rabin wasn't wearing a bulletproof vest, and they're sayin' that he himself decided that he didn't want to wear it? Do you know anything about that?

No. But the point is, there was an army guarding him -- in and out of uniform -- according to journalists that were there.

Yeah, but they thought that this guy was the chauffeur! Right?

It was a set-up. What do you want me to say? {2}.

I don't think it was well-known that the Pope has [recently] visited Israel. I think it wasn't too well-known {3}.

In 1943, the Pope made a deal with the West -- a 50-year deal {4} that, in return for certain things that they were gonna do for the Vatican, the Vatican would not interfere with western financial matters for 50 years.

By 1993, various things started to happen {5} -- in fact, they started to happen in the late 1980s. The West started, despite this deal, attacking the Pope's banks. In fact, some of the problems started as early as 1974: the Pope's bank in New York, Franklin National Bank, went under. And that was run by the Pope's banker, Michele Sindona.

By 1984, the Pope's other bank, the Continental Bank of Chicago, went under and had to be rescued.

Now most people don't understand: the Archbishop of Chicago is also the Treasurer, for the Church, for the entire western hemisphere. All the money from the Catholic Church for the western hemisphere, not just for Chicago, passes through the hands of the Archbishop of Chicago, currently [Cardinal] Bernadin. And the money used to be deposited in the Continental Bank.

The third major bank of the Pope in the United States was Bank of America, the holding company of which is Bank America. The Jesuits owned that, together with the Rothschilds. And, into the 1990s, the Japanese, primarily the Yakuza, took that over.

So, in a period of 20 years leading up to the expiration of the 50-year period, the Pope lost all three of his major banks in the United States: the one in San Francisco, the one in Chicago, and the one in New York. So that the West, in a way, was attacking the Pope -- contrary to the arrangement.

By 1993, they started to work out this deal that Israel would allow, of what little land they had, a piece of it for, as I mentioned, the Palestinians -- some of whom are Christians. In return, the Pope and other bankers would see to it that Israel got a sizeable sum of money.

Okay, how do you know that?

We have various sources. You'd be surprised what we know.

People talk to me that sometimes wouldn't confide in their own grandmother.

So the point is, Israel, however, realized that there's great resentment about giving away what little land they have. So eventually they were going to kick the Palestinians out, but allowing them, for the moment, on the West Bank and Gaza and so on -- for the moment.

However, evidently Bernadin, while checking on the deal, found out about the plan to renege on it. So it went forward, the assassination.

You've got to understand history. The failure to understand history is what causes so many people not to understand what's going on.

I find what you say plausible -- then again, maybe this assassination is just as it seems: the result of internal political tensions and not caused by foreign sponsorship.

Well it's too early to have all the facts lined up to make an airtight explanation of the thing. That's an explanation for the moment. As time goes on there's gonna have to be an explanation about why, despite a virtual army, in and out of uniform, guarding Rabin, that this guy was able to come right up to him and blow him away, point-blank.

There's vast financial forces at work, and those forces own the press, generally, and they don't want us to be aware of what is going on.

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(November 7, 1995 -- Phone (312) 731-1100 for recorded message.)

Hi! Sherman Skolnick, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts, 9800 S. Oglesby Ave [Chicago, IL 60617].

Political assassination researchers say it: Did the security forces apparently make an opening so that it was easy to murder the head of state?

American and British cotton speculators, including the Rothschilds, bet that prices would go way up after the [American] Civil War. They wanted Lincoln dead; his post-war plans would make prices go down. The guard at his door disappeared, so Lincoln was murdered on Catholic Good Friday, a few days after the war ended.

The guard later took refuge in the Vatican. (Historically, the Pope and the Rothschilds have joint business interests.)

Both Presidents Garfield and McKinley had policies to limit the British financial stranglehold on the U.S. The Brits wanted them dead. So, a so-called "lone assassin" killed each president, whom their guards conveniently failed to protect.

Wall Street wanted President Franklin D. Roosevelt under control or dead. There was a longer period in those years between election and inauguration. FDR refused to close all the banks, in an on-going [financial] panic, until he was actually inaugurated. A month prior, a so-called "lone assassin" almost succeeded in killing him, but instead killed the mayor of Chicago, Anton Cermak {6}, who was near FDR. Again: the guards permitted it.

It follows the principle of high-level murder: to kill the king, you need the help of the palace guards.

The ultra rich always owned the press in America and most other places. And the press fakers always say, "A lone assassin did it."

In Dallas, President Kennedy's guards steered him into an unguarded hairpin turn in an open car, and a "lone assassin" was blamed for killing the Pope's president.

There was an unpublicized worldwide struggle between the Vatican and other financial interests. Shortly after the Pope, for the first time, [seems to have visited] Israel where the British control the banks, the head of state is assassinated by a so- called "lone assassin". The guards permitted it.

Just another story, suppressed by the liars and whores of the press {7}.

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- {1} Skolnick added, when we chatted a few hours later, that Israeli journalists he has spoken with wonder, off the record, whether Peres had anything to do with the assassination or knew anything about it beforehand.

{2} Skolnick subsequently added that journalists he has spoken to stated that someone amongst the guards started the erroneous story that the alleged assassin, Yigal Amir, was "O.K. Just the chauffeur."

{3} Skolnick subsequently added, in a later conversation that same day, that his source for the claim that the Pope had recently visited Israel was one TV station; that he had seen this information reported nowhere else. He qualified his earlier statement as follows: the Pope, or the Pope's team, had recently visited Israel.

{4} For more on the Pope's alleged 50-year deal with the West, see my interview of Joseph Andreuccetti, archived under the "Whitewater" sub-menu, at the prairienet site. (a) telnet (b) logon as "visitor" (c) go citcom

{5} Among the "various things" occuring about 1993, at the expiration of the alleged 50-year pact, would be the conception of the peace between Rabin and Arafat, representing Israel and the Palestinians.

{6} The assassinated mayor of Chicago, Anton Cermak, had a daughter, Helene Cermak, who married former Illinois governor Otto Kerner, Jr. Kerner, who later became a federal judge, went to prison as part of a major judicial bribery scandal unearthed by Skolnick and the Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts.

{7} A final item: in my subsequent conversation with Skolnick, later that day, he said that, according to a journalist from one of the major newspapers in Israel, there exists actual video of the assassination itself. You may recall that footage shown on the television "news" stations showed Rabin descending the stage prior to his murder. The later portion of the video, showing the actual murder, has, if Skolnick's source is correct, been withheld from the public.

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-- Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-Chief

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