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(November 9, 1995 -- Phone (312) 731-1100 for recorded message.)

Hi! Sherman Skolnick, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts, 9800 S. Oglesby Ave [Chicago, IL 60617].

The American connection to the assassination of the Israeli prime minister.

Background: Vincent W. Foster, Jr. was part of a team, high up in espionage, including Hillary Rodham Clinton and Webster Hubble. They reportedly worked through Systematics, a reputed front for the National Security Agency [NSA]: code crackers and satellite spies.

Big in bank computer services, Systematics reportedly used software called PROMIS, stolen from its true owners, INSLAW, by high officials in the Reagan and Bush administrations. The project spied on foreign banks and intelligence agencies, who were given or sold the software with a secret "trap door", including Sweden, Israel, Iraq and Canada. They track the flow of money by CIA dope cartels, illicit weapons peddlers, and assassination paymasters -- after all: banks, spies, and dopers all sleep together.

In the NSA, Foster had the equivalent military rank of general. For NSA and CIA he also ran a bank in the Grand Caymans -- huge, secret gold shipments for covert operations in conjunction with an American member of the London Gold Pool.

Foster's bosses included George Bush as vice-president and president, and Caspar Weinberger, secretary of defense. His bosses owed Israel a favor for using them to trans-ship U.S. weapons to Iran -- part of the treasonous deal to delay release of U.S. hostages to screw Jimmy Carter's bid for re-election and install Reagan and Bush. It's called "The October Surprise", also part of the Iran-Contra deal.

Foster continued the project of tracking "dirty" money and, from time to time, he was also super "bag man" himself -- even after he became deputy counsel in the Clinton White House.

George Bush and Caspar Weinberger pressed Foster into service as the middleman to release nuclear missile launch codes and tracking data to Israel: the highest U.S. secrets. They used a low-level Naval Intelligence analyst, Jonathan Pollard, who sold the secrets to Israel to keep up his own high lifestyle. They helped Israel jump ahead with their own nuclear development and become a "Mideast bulwark" against the Soviets.

Some claim Israel set up accounts of millions of dollars, for Foster, in banks in Switzerland and the Caymans. A beneficiary was Hillary Rodham Clinton. Either it was true, or the NSA created false records to blackmail Foster and Hillary, as well as Israel, into silence.

Now look at the timetable: 1986, a year after Pollard was caught, the prime minister of Sweden, Olof Palme, wanted to go public on how a major Swedish weapons maker, Bofors, was involved in the October Surprise and what later was called the Iran-Contra scandal. Palme was assassinated, and it was blamed on a "lone assassin" who was caught but later released. The murder remains an unsolved mystery.

Foster, in July 1993, found out his secret accounts had reportedly been somehow "grabbed up" by some computer hackers with espionage links. He was going to blow the whistle, which would also have incriminated his sidekick, the First Lady.

Foster was murdered by an Israeli team. The matter was hushed up and described falsely as a "suicide" -- all for so-called "national security". Foster's body was handled by a mortuary linked to CIA.

Hubbell was third-in-command of the Clinton Justice Department and covered up the INSLAW mess. (By the way, he's now in jail.)

The American member of the London Gold Pool, tied also to the Vatican Bank, was murdered in August '95!

Israeli prime minister, Itzhak Rabin, wanted to go public, once and for all, with details explaining away Israel's role in October Surprise, Iran-Contra, and the Jonathan Pollard mess. Rabin, like Olof Palme, was assassinated. And it was blamed on a lone assassin (or a small group of nobodys, as plotters).

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In a conversation with Skolnick this evening, July 9th, he cautioned that the story behind the Rabin assassination is complex and to those not familiar with past information from the Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts (archived at various sites, see below for two locations) will be hard to grasp.

Skolnick and associates monitored a court case in Chicago in 1991 involving George Bush and Saddam Hussein. Part of the info coming out of that case related to the death of Swedish prime minister Olof Palme -- thus, Skolnick and associates' knowledge in this area.

Skolnick claims that General Colin Powell also may be implicated in the complicated chain of events leading up to the Rabin assassination. Supposedly, Caspar Weinberger, Bush's secretary of defense, was facing prosecution due to the Iran-Contra affair. Skolnick says that if Weinberger had not been pardoned by Bush that subsequent developments may well have cast an unflattering light on Powell. Source for this info is, in part, Lawrence Walsh's report on Iran-Contra.

This story is complex, recent, and still unfolding: so stay tuned for further developments.

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-- Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-Chief

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