Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 6  Num. 50
                    ("Quid coniuratio est?")


It's hard to tell for sure at this point what is happening, but what if -- again -- things are not what they seem?

The situation is being framed as a collision between Clinton and the Congress. But what if that is just an act being floated to mask the real situation?

Remember the book, Bankruptcy 1995? Well it's 1995. Could this be it? Bankruptcy?

Suppose that we are finally here. Panic Time. What do the leaders decide to do? Do they say, "We have an announcement. It's panic time." Or do they, to forestall the inevitable, collaborate on a ruse -- that Clinton and the Congress are at an impasse and that due to petty politicians -- and not a government financial crisis -- "non essential" bureaucrats must go home.

Clinton has been making noises like this shutdown could go on for a long time. As noted, the situation is being portrayed as a "philosophical difference" between the two parties. (Some folks point out that 800,000 less bureaucrats is not so bad.)

Oh but, not to worry, you "non essential" bureaucrats: we will still be paying you for every day missed, so don't feel like, "Gosh. There's just been 800,000 workers laid off." You're still going to be paid -- eventually -- so don't be shocked, stunned and amazed.

And you "news" people: don't hit us with any massive story about 800,000 WORKERS LAID OFF. Don't hit us with the story, do it gradually. Start by floating the idea that maybe these workers won't be getting paid for their downtime after all.

But not to worry: Bill Clinton keeps telling us that the economy is "good" -- HAH, HAH, HAH. Why just look at the stock market: it's going into orbit!

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