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                    ("Quid coniuratio est?")


(November 17, 1995 -- Phone (312) 731-1100 for recorded message.)

Hi! Sherman Skolnick, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts, 9800 S. Oglesby Ave [Chicago, IL 60617].

In the crunch in Washington, some forces are gearing up to attack each other with scandals long kept out of the monopoly press.

For example, in 1991 we publicized exclusive details of the "Bank of Criminals and Conspirators International" [BCCI]. To promote their operations worldwide, they bribed public officials, including in the United States.

If you want to pave the way for vast bank operations in the U.S., what do you do? Why naturally, you buy the lawmakers! A hundred years ago, Rockefeller, to promote business, bought the Pennsylvania legislature!

So, BCCI bribed or blackmailed both Houses of Congress: 108 members of the House of Representatives and 22 U.S. senators. Funny thing: when the bank supposedly went under, the bribery list, for a short period, was a public record in England! Four major international news organizations had the list and verified it was correct. But the liars and whores of the press kept it secret. One brave journalist, however, gave us the entire list and a newspaper published our exclusive story -- minus the names.

Here is the reported payoff list of U.S. senators, as of 1990. Some have since retired or lost elections. Senators....

Steve Symms (Idaho)
Richard Shelby (Alabama) **
Wyche Fowler (Georgia)
Alan Dixon (Illinois)
Orrin Hatch (Utah) **
Hank Brown (Colorado) **
Larry Craig (Idaho) **
David Durenberger (Minnesota)
Mark Hatfield (Oregon) **
Howell Heflin (Alabama) **
Daniel Inouye (Hawaii) **
Alfonse D'Amato (New York) **
Wendell Ford (Kentucky) **
Tom Harkin (Iowa) **
Robert Kasten (Wisconsin)
Dan Quayle (Indiana)
Donald Riegle (Michigan)
James Sasser (Tennessee)
Richard Lugar (Indiana) **
Patrick Leahy (Vermont) **
Sam Nunn (Georgia) **
Robert Graham (Florida) **

[** indicates currently in office]

The scheme was done, reportedly, through six LaSalle Street commodity brokers -- the ringleader apparently being GNP Commodities. At the time, the federal commodity regulator was Wendy Gramm (that's G-r-a-m-m), wife of Senator Phil Gramm of Texas. Wendy, reportedly, by extortion, got a piece of the action. Also shaking them down were officials of the federal reserve district bank here. Remember: for many years the top official of the fed, in Chicago, was also boss at the Chicago Tribune -- Stanton Cook.

So, in fact, one of the officials of GNP started to go public, that if Wendy and the federal reserve did not get off his back, well, they will be swept away by an "international incident" {1}.

The payoff worked through the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and other exchanges here. Accounts were set up, in their name, in Chicago and London -- complicated trading, called "straddles". The money was to disappear here and be withdrawn in London. Agents of the lawmakers showed up to get the loot, or false records were created to show the same.

So, it was bribery or blackmail. And BCCI had Congress by their private parts. Some $5 billion of BCCI funds disappeared in the bribery/blackmail schemes -- secret coded accounts in Switzerland and the Caymans.

But, funny thing: some super-hackers with links to spy agencies got the codes and withdrew the money! So, present and former members of Congress have something to cry about: their loot was stolen from them -- you know, robbing the bank robbers.

Outgoing senator Sam Nunn has reportedly become a sizeable owner of the successor to BCCI: Pinnacle Banc Group. Their flagship is First National Bank of Cicero, long dominated by the CIA/Mafia- linked Bishop Paul Marcinkus, once head of the Vatican Bank.

The Bush White House used the bribery list to push through the Senate Clarence Thomas for U.S. Supreme Court. On the list were seven Democrats that pushed the confirmation over the top. Likewise, Bush used the bribery list to silence the "October Surprise" subcommittee, in a position to nail George for treason. (That was the delay of the release of the U.S. hostages to help put in the Reagan-Bush ticket.)

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- {1} See Wall Street Journal, 10/27/89, for a related article regarding GNP allegedly threatening an international incident.

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Can you give some background on this BCCI bribery list?

The list itself was an open record, for 30 days, in the Bank of England. It was public -- but unknown to the public.

A similar thing happened in '73 regarding the Spiro Agnew bribery.

I mean, that's one of the ways how we get ahead of the parade! When some other news organization suppresses something, somebody says, "Skolnick. You want this?" And they give me the whole thing. And we go with it.

With this government shutdown, let me give you my theory on it: my theory is that this supposed "philosophical difference" goin' on between Congress and Clinton is just a smoke screen, that what's really happening here is we're in a financial crisis and they're disguising it.

Jim Norman, in an article about to be published in the December issue of Media Bypass, contends that key people in the CIA are tired of the direction that the government is going in and are going to see to it that there is released the names of 300 government officials that have taken bribes or are corrupt for years. And he says that between now and next spring there's gonna be, what he calls, "a great upheaval".

Uh, let's see how he puts it here... He says that there will be all kind of "prominent Wall Streeters, bureaucrats, military officers, and also a slew of intelligence big shots are said to be about to take a fall. Well over 300 names are said to be involved in the scandal."

He claims that there will be a "tremendous upheaval" and that "Democrats and Republicans, who have been feeding at the trough of corruption for years..."

He quotes another article in Washington Report which says, "Apocalypse Soon".

So apparently, they probably now have the bribery list of Congress, as well as some other bribery list.

Here's what else it says: "This government may be on the threshhold of upheaval unprecedented since the Civil War. That is the cryptic message coming from multiple well-connected sources close to the intelligence community who say big things are quietly afoot that could fundamentally shuffle this country's political deck."

All right, so this government shutdown, this could be the start of the "great upheaval", where you've got 800,000 federal employees that are, basically, laid off now.

Worse than that, they're making cynical remarks about the employees, that since "x" number of employees are less than essential, maybe the others are the only ones that are needed! Maybe we can balance the budget on their backs!

I don't know about that. I think that's a terrible thing. If you and I were among those employees, how would we figure if our offices substantially closed down and they said, "Well, your boss in the office said that you're 'not essential.'" And now, sarcastic people are saying, "Well maybe you never were essential!"

In other words, the Republicans and others are commenting publicly that maybe the government can be run with a skeleton crew.

Usually when things like this happen, it's not what it seems.

You're absolutely on the right track. During the Watergate affair, it didn't come out for years and years that the Watergate scandal was a cover-up for the oil scandal. They believe that there was a plot to raise oil from $3/barrel to $30/barrel at the expense of the American common people.

And Watergate was just a minor matter, so that this "zillion" dollar fraud could be perpetrated. Because all during that time of '73 and '74, when things were in crisis -- the oil -- the press was talking about Watergate. And only one newspaper, allegedly, was doing all the investigating: the Washington Post. The rest were not!

Goin' back to the shutdown, it's kind of a "sleight of hand" kind of trick.

And meanwhile, the stock market is sucking in all these people, up to 5000 on the Dow-Jones.

That's somethin' else. I wrote this thing where, the stock market's "goin' into orbit". How about this: suppose that the stock market were to go up, into infinity, okay? I mean, this could be an alternative scenario for a so-called "crash".

People that've got their ears to the ground know that business is actually getting bad this fall and winter. And like 1929, the stock market, instead of being, traditionally, 6 months ahead of the parade, it's 6 months behind the parade. And they're sucking in everybody, at the top. And like a light bulb about to blow out, it's getting brighter. And then all of a sudden, the thing will make a u-turn.

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-- Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-Chief

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