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Note that I receive no compensation for the following. I am familiar with the author's previous work, The Massacre of the Branch Davidians and, based on the excellence of that effort, I am recommending her latest book on the subject. Caveat emptor.

-- Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-chief

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Seven dozen submachinegun-armed government agents descend upon a multi-racial community of men, women and children who fly the flag of David. Some shoot at the unarmed man at the front door who begs them to stop charging and just talk; others shoot from helicopters through the roof as women and children hide under their beds; others shoot at community members trying to return to the community; six community members die that day. After sabotaging all attempts at negotiations, military tanks gas the women and children, ram the building--flames erupt and 76 more members of the community are killed. Nazi Germany 1941? Saddam's Iraq 1989? Or Waco, Texas 1993?

Why do Congress and the press still promote the lies that the Branch Davidians "ambushed" federal agents, refused to cooperate with negotiators, and killed themselves and their children? Why is the U.S. government continuing to demonize the victims? If the "Waco incident" leaves you with the uncomfortable feeling that the federal government cares more about the reputation of federal law enforcement than the protection of the American people, you must read the just published mass market paperback:

THE DAVIDIAN MASSACRE Disturbing Questions About Waco that Must Be Answered

         by libertarian pacifist activist and writer
                         Carol Moore
                      487 pages of text

20 pages of graphics and newly available photographs

Order autographed copies directly from the author, includes postage and handling:
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Checks to: Carol Moore, Box 65518, Washington, D.C. 20035 202/986-1847 (Will mail immediately if payment by money order.)

(For commerical discount rates contact the publisher, Gun Owners Foundation, 1-800-417-1486.)

Carol Moore is also available for radio and press interviews and to do articles on all aspects of the incident.


The book draws on government and news sources, trial and congressional transcripts, and interviews with experts and participants, including Davidian survivors and prisoners.

It systematically analyzes evidence that agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) committed real crimes against the Branch Davidians, crimes which have been systematically covered up by officials of those agencies, as well as by officials of the Justice and Treasury Departments and the Clinton White House. It provides compelling evidence that:

* In its initial investigation BATF paid far more attention to the advice of "cult busters" and former members committed to the destruction of the group than to local [ TEXAS ] sheriffs who could have vouched for the Davidians' history of cooperation with law enforcement. Ex-members' allegations that Davidians talked about owning illegal weapons were the primary "evidence" supporting the issuing of a search warrant.

** Even the Justice Department report on Waco, which includes young Kiri Jewell's sex abuse accusation, admits that none of these accusations was of sufficient credibility to create probable cause to indict David Koresh for child or sexual abuse.

** David Koresh invited BATF investigators to inspect his guns on July 30, 1992. BATF knew he had a legal gun business but chose to hide that fact from the public--even by effectively kidnapping his gun dealer and business partner during the siege.

** BATF presented false information to the National Guard and the military that there was a methamphetamine laboratory at the Davidians' home and church, Mount Carmel Center.

** BATF never planned a peaceful service of warrant because it wanted a big paramilitary raid that would get national publicity and help increase its budget.

** David Koresh came to the front door unarmed and tried to comply with the warrant, crying, "Let's talk! There's women and children here!"

** BATF agents shot first at the front door, panicking after an agent shot a dog, wounding Koresh and mortally wounding his unarmed father-in-law who stood behind him. Agents shot indiscriminately through the walls for almost two hours.

** BATF agents in one or more helicopters fired down on the Davidians, killing four people and leaving more than a hundred bullet holes in the roof and walls of the building. Even the then-director of BATF admits that if the agents shot from helicopters they should be prosecuted for murder.

** BATF agents consistently have lied to cover up their acts, claiming Davidians ambushed them with machineguns, grenades and .50 caliber weapons. (You know those 6 inch bullets they always show on television? Investigators never found even one of those on the grounds outside the building after the fire. The Davidians never fired them.)

** BATF agents assassinated Michael Schroeder, a Davidian trying to return to Mount Carmel immediately after the raid.

** The FBI siege and Hostage Rescue Team leader had no sympathy with the beleaguered Davidians. More likely, concerned that the evidence of illegal gunfire would result in the prosecution of BATF agents, they deliberately sabotaged negotiations by destroying evidence and private property and playing loud music and shining bright lights--anything to give agents an excuse to destroy the evidence of illegal BATF gunfire that riddled the walls and roof of Mount Carmel. (What I have now come to call a "cover your butt" conspiracy.)

** FBI agents lied to Attorney General Janet Reno about David Koresh's April 14, 1993 promise-to-surrender letter, the safety of CS gas, FBI agent fatigue, child abuse, the rules of engagement and their plan to demolish the building in order to coerce her into approving their gassing plan.

** FBI agents knew the Davidians said they would stay inside the building "even if you run ten tanks through it." Davidians were determined to stay those last few days until David Koresh finished his short book on the Seven Seals. The FBI continued their gas and tank attack anyway. FBI agents heard suspicious (though probably innocent) Davidian conversations about pouring and spreading fuel but continued their attack anyway.

** Tank attacks collapsed half the gymnasium, as well as stairwells and exits. They trapped most Davidians on the second floor or inside the concrete room, a room where nine women and children died when a tank knocked hundreds of pounds of concrete on them before the fire.

** The tank which ripped out the first floor, southeast corner knocked over a lamp on the second floor, starting a fire. The wind-whipped fire, fed by flammable CS gas and stored flammable fuels, zapped through the building in seconds.

** Serious questions remain about the involvement of President Clinton, from the planning stage to the day of the fire: Bill Clinton's good friend, Little Rock BATF head Bill Buford, helped plan the raid; Bill Clinton's good friend Deputy Treasury secretary Roger Altman visited Buford at the hospital the day after the raid; the White House lied about when Clinton knew about the gassing plan; Clinton talked to Janet Reno two hours before the fire started; the Clinton White House was claiming the Davidians started the fire minutes after it started.

** Janet Reno's Justice Department promoted and condoned obvious judicial and prosecutorial misconduct--especially missing and withheld evidence--during the 1994 trial of eleven Branch Davidians. Justice Department memos released during Congressional hearings show the government stopped interviewing agents because their testimony would help Davidian defendants. Important information relevant to firing from helicopters and lies to Janet Reno only came out at Congressional hearings--it was never given to defense attorneys. (Author Carol Moore has filed complaints with the Justice Department about prosecutorial misconduct which are currently under investigation by the Department.)

** Nevertheless, the jury found all Davidians innocent of the most serious charges of conspiracy and murder of federal agents, believing they had acted in self-defense. Because of judicial machinations, jurors did convict eight Davidians of what they thought were "minor charges" which would result in only time served. However, the judge sentenced the nine victims of injustice to a total of 243 years!

To end, after recent hearings the U.S. Congress claimed that there was no religious persecution, there was no firing from helicopters, there was no deliberate harassment of Davidians, there was no deliberate agent plan to destroy Mount Carmel on April 19th--no, everything was the Davidians' fault and the poor, incompetent BATF and FBI will just have to clean up their act so they'll be ready to deal with the "next group of fanatics."

Violence begets violence--and coverup begets paranoia. If some citizens feel they must form militias to protect themselves and some radicals find an excuse to commit dastardly acts of violence, can the three branches of the federal government really blame anyone but themselves?

Finally, must we all worry and wonder--who is next? Do you own a gun? Have your own business? Live in a group house or a commune? Smoke a little dope? Have funny stickers on your car that criticize the government? Criticize the government or talk dirty on the net? Worship at a church that is not approved of by your neighbors? Own property local poltiicians want to grab? Have enemies willing to tell terrible lies about you to law enforcement? Have black skin or a hispanic surname? Are you next?

If the feds can get away with the massacre of the Davidians, and blame the victims, and if we all just let them do it--none of us is safe!

Buy and read THE DAVIDIAN MASSACRE--and demand that Congress appoint an independent counsel and free the Branch Davidian prisoners!

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