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I spoke by phone with Mr. Sherman Skolnick of the Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts on Wednesday, November 22, 1995. Here are excerpts from our interview, regarding the BCCI bribery list and also the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.

-- Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-Chief

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Reuters NewMedia carries an article ["U.S. Weighs Israeli Citizenship Move on Spy", Wednesday, November 22, 1995, 7:13 AM EST], sent to me by a CN reader, stating, in part:

During his last trip to Washington in September, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, assassinated this month, said he hoped [Jonathan] Pollard would be released and allowed to go to Israel. But President Clinton rejected the request."

[Skolnick claims they were quiet about this until after Rabin's death.] It sort of exposes the Bush-Weinberger connection. Because if [Pollard] gets his Israeli citizenship and is transferred to Israel, he may be released there and he may begin speaking openly that he was the "low man on the pole" and [that] [Vince] Foster and others were involved."

Do you still see Vatican involvement? [e.g., see CN 6.45]

The Vatican and the western bankers are the ones that put up the money for the deal with the PLO [Palestine Liberation Organization]. And some Israelis were joking a little too loud -- because others heard it -- about, somewhere down the road, after they had taken the money, that they may renege on the deal and get the land back. And so, maybe that was one of the reasons for killin' him.

Several readers have written regarding the alleged BCCI [Bank of Credit and Commerce International] bribery list. [CN 6.51]

It was a public record in the Bank of England for 30 days. Various journalists copied it by hand. I wrote a story about it, in Spotlight, in '91. In '94, William Safire, who knows about this list, wrote a related story about "straddles" and about how politicians can be bribed through a complicated commodity item called "straddles".

Check all the books that have been written about BCCI, what would you find? Several of the authors have related that there was bribery of public officials, here and overseas. I think that almost all the prominent authors of books about the downfall of BCCI are aware of the bribery list, have the bribery list -- but their publishers would not publish it.

The Bank of England was more or less in charge of the worldwide closing up of branches of BCCI.

Why Bank of England?

A principal branch of BCCI was in England. And auditers for the bank were there. And I think it was Price-Waterhouse, if I'm not mistaken. And the Bank of England coordinated the worldwide closing.

And that's a good point to raise! I mean, who put them in charge of closing over 400 branches worldwide?

This list was supposed to have been available for 30 days?

Call it a glitch or a mistake. It was not intended to be public. Bank of England did not intend to have the information available (unless they had some cryptic purpose to scandalize the Washington government. There are some, you know, who see "vast conspiracies" that the British are out to collapse the Washington government. But it might have been just a glitch.)

Those that got the list contend it happened as a glitch. It was a monumental blunder.

But the point is, what was done to corroborate the list was that we then looked up public records, here -- all of those that were on the list and their dealings, of the congressmen and the senators, with the commodity exchanges in Chicago. And virtually the same people were given massive honoraria by the exchanges in Chicago: The Chicago Board of Trade, The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, The Chicago Board Options Exchange, and so on. So that those congressmen and senators, it can be proved, through public records, that they were in Chicago. And while they were in Chicago, accounts were set up for them as a "favor". While they were here, supposedly, to give their speech and collect their "lecture fee".

Accounts were opened up by 6 LaSalle Street commodity brokers for these various congressmen and senators. And then it was the London end of it, on this complicated "straddle" agreement -- Chicago-London -- where the profit was. Agents of the congressmen reportedly collected the profits at the London end -- or at least there were records created that showed that. So they either got the money, or records were created to blackmail them. In either case, BCCI had 'em where they wanted 'em, you know what I'm saying?

But the point is, one of the ways the list was corroborated was through public records of honoraria, by the exchanges, to the congressmen.

Then there was interviews with -- off-the-record -- some of those that used to be controllers of the brokerages.

Then there's the October 27th, '89, story in the Wall Street Journal which, if you know what it's about, you can see that they're hinting at the same thing! Because the principal company that was the ringleader of the bribery, reportedly, was GNP Commodities of LaSalle Street, here.

And Wendy Gramm, wife of Senator Phil Gramm of Texas, she was the head of the CFTC, the Commodities Futures Trading Commission. And she blackmailed and "shook down" the commodity traders and got, reportedly, a piece of the action.

And the ringleader, the head of GNP Commodities, threatened her and the federal reserve with an "international incident"!

So when you know all the details, on and off the record, you know that there is great validity to the bribery/blackmail list.

See New York Times, the Op-Ed page, Monday, April 11, '94. It's an essay by William Safire called "The Whitewater Pulse". In the third paragraph of the story, he refers to how you can bribe politicians through "straddles".

William Safire has, in the past, been in touch with me and knows about my work. So he knows what this is about. I was in constant contact with him in '92 -- (he waited like two years to write this?) So, in other words, others know about it. And the authors of all the books on BCCI know about it. But they sat on it -- they, their publishers, their editors, and so on. And I'm the one that actually went with the thing!

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I neither necessarily agree nor disagree with either all or parts of the preceding. Persons mentioned are invited to send their rebuttals, of reasonable length, to for probable distribution.

-- Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-Chief

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