Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 6  Num. 60
                    ("Quid coniuratio est?")


The Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette of November 27, 1995 carries a story on page A-10, in the category "Who's News", that gives the latest on the "Beatles songs played backwards" mystery. Having listened, for example, to "Revolution Number 9" played backwards years ago, I can attest that there is indeed something peculiar. I'm not saying necessarily that Paul is dead. Still, I remember distinctly how "Number nine... Number nine..." played backwards did come out as a quite eerie "Turn me on, dead man... Turn me on, dead man." Yes, scoffers have ridiculed the "Paul is dead" angle, but I've never heard it explained just why exactly is it that those backward messages are there?

I also, in my younger days, listened to the portion of the White Album between "Blackbird" and "Piggies" played in reverse and again, it was eerie. I will never forget the anguish in whoever's voice as he screams, "Paul is dead now... Miss him. Miss him. MISS HIM!!!" I stress that I'm not saying Paul is dead, but still there is this puzzle: why are these messages there when played backwards? There may be a mundane explanation. I'd like to hear it.

It may still be possible to play the end of "Strawberry Fields" (on the Magical Mystery Tour album) at 45 rpm and hear "I buried Paul." Perhaps it's just there for laughs, but who really knows?

Now, BBC producer Simon Clifford claims to have heard "Turned out nice again" backward at the end of the latest Beatle release, "Free As A Bird". This latest may just be a promotional gimmick, but it does resurrect decades-old, unanswered questions.

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This is unrelated, but a minor note in response to something pointed out to me by a reader: Yes, it is confirmed that Senator Barbara Boxer is related by marriage to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Boxer's daughter, Nicole, "is married to first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's brother, Anthony Rodham." (See Washington Times -- National Weekly Edition, November 20-26, 1995, p. 7.) The article in the Washington Times also points out that Senator Boxer is a member of the special Senate Whitewater committee and calls into question the obvious conflict of interest.

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