Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 6  Num. 61
                    ("Quid coniuratio est?")


(November 30, 1995 -- Phone (312) 731-1100 for recorded message.)

Hi! Sherman Skolnick, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts, 9800 S. Oglesby Ave [Chicago, IL 60617].

For corruption, Chicago is the center of the U.S. So when big corporations get involved in litigation, they like to be in Chicago! Why? Because Chicago is the cheapest place in the nation to "fix" judges, state and federal. In plain language: the judges here are cheap crooks.

Chicago has become the entry point for "China White" -- high purity heroin from southwest China and the Burma area. The drug enforcement authorities are completely corrupt in this area. They are busy running after nobodies.

And the stuff is coming in by way of the Yakuza, the Japanese mafia. According to authorities on the Yakuza, they own half of all the downtown high-rent high-rise buildings built in Chicago in the 1980s, including, reportedly, the Fairmount Hotel.

The Yakuza own most every bank headquartered in California, which has become sort of the "back yard" of Japan, including Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America -- which now owns Continental Bank, long-dominated by the Vatican. And Continental has long been a dope-loot money laundry.

The dope comes into Chicago through the airports in Gary, Indiana, Joliet and Lansing and Danville, and Palwaukee, northwest of Chicago. "China White" is replacing "Mexican Mud" that comes in from Mexico by the Herrera dope gang. Both the Herreras and the Yakuza have long been tight with the American CIA, so the narcs know it is forbidden to bother members of these groups.

Big-time dopers favor federal judge Ilana Rovner. She was promoted from the district court here to the federal appeals court. She is closely aligned with the crooked reputed laundry, Amalgamated Bank. Her husband, Dr. Richard Rovner, is big with Northwestern Memorial Hospital, with a big druggie clinic.

Most of the federal appeals judges here are aligned with the Continental Bank -- including Judge Walter Cummings, whose family in the past ran that bank.

The Yakuza-owned Wells Fargo Bank is the principle owner of Household International and Household Bank, headquartered in Prospect Heights -- naturally, right near the reputed dope airport. Household is the successor to the CIA-linked Nugan-Hand Bank of Australia, subject of documented studies in corruption. (See, for example, the book The Crimes of Patriots by Jonathan Kwitny.)

Remember the infamous "Bank of Criminals and Conspirators International" [BCCI]? Well, their alter-ego and successor is Pinnacle Banc Group. Their flagship, now, is First National Bank of Cicero, long-dominated by Bishop Paul Marcinkus, recent head of the Mafia/CIA-linked Vatican Bank.

The power structure here is tied to corruption. Mayor Richie Daley is one of the secret owners of Glenrock Company. If you hope to be a big-time state road contractor, the corrupt deals are reportedly interwoven with Glenrock. Other owners include the de-frocked congressman, Dan Rostenkowski, and reputed "bag man" Jeremiah Joyce, who is not a city official but has a secret office in City Hall.

Toxic dumps are easy to cover up in the midwest. The regional counsel of the EPA, Gail Ginsberg, is the wife of Chicago bankruptcy judge Robert E. Ginsberg. They are, reportedly, tight with the toxic crooks -- like Material Service and Waste Management. Judge Ginsberg previously, for 8 years, was with the CIA law firm, Tony Scariano, Sr. & Jr.

To wash their dirty money now, the dope cartel is planning a new Bears stadium, near Gary, with the reputed dope flagship, Mercantile Bank of Hammond. The stadium deal involves a list of reputed criminal types -- not just Waste Management, but including Don Powers and his reported criminal combine called Purdue Foundation.

Holding the corrupt key is environmental gangster and EPA boss Gail Ginsberg. So, what payoff to get her O.K., huh?

Just another story, suppressed by the liars and whores of the press.

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I neither necessarily agree nor disagree with either all or parts of the preceding. Persons mentioned are invited to send their rebuttals, of reasonable length, to for probable distribution.

-- Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-Chief

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