Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 6  Num. 64
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Kenn Thomas, editor of Steamshovel Press, will be signing his new book Popular Alienation this coming Sunday evening (12/10/95), 8PM, at Bound Together Books, 1369 Haight, San Francisco (phone 415-431-8355). Thomas' book is a compilation of past issues of his magazine and also includes never-before-published material (including, I am told, a photo of yours truly, the Conspiracy Nation editor, with Sherman Skolnick.)

Other new material includes: Sagan Sees A Moonbase; Johnny Meyer: Gemstone's Link Between Howard Hughes and Aristotle Onassis; Tom Slick - Mystery Man; The Men In Black Reanimated; The Norman Olson OKC rant; Castaneda Conspiracies; Willis Carto on Varieties of Fascist Experience: Deconstructing Chomsky and McNamara on JFK; Shootings from the Hip.

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"Support our Troops"
Here we go again with the "support our troops" sloganeering. "Support our troops" is the code word for "don't criticize sending troops to Bosnia." More sinister, it is the code word for "don't criticize Bill Clinton": Bill Clinton is commander-in- chief. So if you are critical of the troop commitment then you are not "supporting the troops." And, since Bill Clinton is technically the #1 "troop", if you criticize him you are, by this subtle logic, not "supporting the troops."

CN emphatically does support our troops -- the real ones. We support them so much that we would like to see them safe at home with their families this Christmas.

Are There Whitewater Hearings Going On? ....................................... You might not know it (particularly if you rely on "The Three Stooges", Peter, Dan, and Tom of ABC-News, CBS-News, and NBC- News), but there are Whitewater hearings going on. Pat Robertson of CBN News insists that "the noose is tightening." Recently, former RTC senior investigator Jean Lewis was recalled by the Senate Whitewater committee. It was disclosed that she had once referred to Bill Clinton as a "lying bastard". (We know Clinton is a liar. He may or may not be a bastard.) But CBN News reports that the scornful words of Lewis were retrieved by Dems on the Whitewater committee in a funny way: Lewis had deleted the memo containing the "lying bastard" remark from her computer disk. High-ranking Dems, according to Ben Kinchelow of CBN, did an "undelete" on the file in order to salvage Lewis' remark. Can they do that? Or was that beyond the purview of legitimate search?

Look for a soon-to-be-released movie by Oliver Stone about the late Richard Nixon which, according to the London Telegraph, may "tie Nixon in to murders in the Eisenhower years". The script of the movie is a closely-guarded secret, but parts have leaked out. Look for hypocritical critics soiling their diapers and crying that Stone is "distorting history" -- as if intellectual toadies belonging to the elite class are not far more guilty of that! Stone will most likely take more heat for his latest effort, but as they say: "If you are catching flak, you are probably on- target."

Mexico Drug Cartels' Power Growing
An article in the September 7, 1995 Los Angeles Times warns that Mexican drug cartels are rushing in to fill the vacuum left by their besieged Columbian counterparts. Good thing they now have NAFTA to help them along, no? Too bad that Harvard boy and NAFTA fan Carlos Salinas de Gotari isn't there to put a stop to things, but I hear he's moved to Canada for some reason!

Update: CN 6.62
I have confirmed that the Robert Parry mentioned in CN 6.62 is indeed the author of Fooling America and once worked for Newsweek, AP, and PBS's Frontline.

Thanks to the many CN readers who responded to my recent "Info Sought" request. It can now be confirmed that yes, there really was a person named Michael Nigg, a fellow waiter with Ron Goldman at the Mezzaluna Restaurant, and that Nigg was brutally murdered in September of 1995.

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