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Mexico City
Raul Salinas de Gotari, brother of ex-President of Mexico Carlos Salinas de Gotari, is now on trial for murder. He has been charged with masterminding the killing of Jose Francisco Ruiz Massieu, his brother-in-law. "Ruiz Massieu's own brother has also been implicated in the case, accused of trying to hide Raul Salinas," says the Associated Press. Mario Ruiz Massieu is said to have about $7 million stashed away in Texas. He is now under arrest and facing extradition from the U.S. back to Mexico.

On November 15th, Paulina Castanon, sister-in-law of "Harvard- educated" Carlos Salinas, was arrested when she allegedly used false documents to try to withdraw nearly $84 million from a Swiss bank account. [Source: Associated Press, 24 November 1995]

Geneva, Switzerland
Swiss authorities have reportedly blocked a dozen bank accounts, with assets of over $90 million, in a probe "into a drugs and money-laundering scheme alleged to be linked to the brother of Mexican ex-President Carlos Salinas."

But Carlos Salinas, compadre of dashing Bill Clinton, the U.S. president, says, "I know nothing."

Three agents of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency are said to be assisting in the inquiry.

Where is Carlos Salinas? The dimunitive Harvard graduate and key NAFTA supporter seems to have vanished! [Source: Reuters, 30 November 1995]

Mexico City
Carlos Salinas, ex-President of Mexico, has been "accused of treason and fraud in connection with the 1990 sell-off of state phone company Telmex." He is said to be "in hiding" in Cuba. His brother Raul Salinas, now in jail, admits he made "errors". But, in the tradition of Janet Reno at Waco, he says he takes full responsibility. [Source: Reuters, 30 November 1995]
Mexico City
More millions of dollars have been found stashed away for a rainy day by Raul Salinas! Twenty million dollars has been found hiding in an account, in London, belonging to the brother of ex- President of Mexico Carlos Salinas.

"One [Mexican] government official, asking not to be identified, said police were investigating the possibility of further accounts in England, Germany and Luxemburg," notes a Reuters wire service story. [Source: Reuters, 1 December 1995]

Carlos Salinas, champion of the recent NAFTA agreement, is said to be laying low in Cuba at the moment. Maybe he and Fidel are right now enjoying a fine Cuban cigar! But "Charlie" may have to put out the cigar and head back to sunny Mexico. Reuters reports that there is pressure for him to return to Mexico and "face the music."

Mexico City
What is the source of Raul Salinas' wealth? "The Swiss say it may be related to drug trafficking," says an Associated Press story. [Source: AP, 1 December 1995]

About the mounting scandal, Carlos "Charlie" Salinas, ex- President of Mexico, says "I have no idea."

"But a former federal comptroller says she advised the president in 1992 that his brother [Raul] was rumored to be involved in shady deals." [Ibid.]

Mexico City
Probes have reportedly been launched by both Canada and Mexico into the possible financial shenanigans of former Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gotari.

In addition, El Financiero newspaper now reports that "Mexican police have found some $300 million in bank accounts belonging to the ex-president's brother in Switzerland, Germany, England, Luxembourg, and the Cayman Islands." [Source: Reuters, 2 December 1995]

Mexico City
Besides being charged with murder, Raul Salinas has now also been charged with falsifying official documents to set up fake bank accounts. [Source: Reuters, 3 December 1995]
Mexico City
A Reuters wire service story points to "mounting evidence of huge government corruption over the last two decades." [Source: Reuters, 4 December 1995]
Seoul, South Korea
Roh Tae-woo is the ex-president of South Korea.

Chun Doo Hwan is also an ex-president of South Korea. He was in office before Roh Tae-woo.

Roh Tae-woo is now under arrest on bribery charges. He has confessed to having accumulated $654 million. This bribe money was amassed while Roh was in office.

These events are being overshadowed by an investigation into a brutal 1979 anti-democracy coup d'etat, said to have been staged by Roh and Chun.

"Deeply-rooted" collusion between politicians and businessmen is alleged. [Source: Reuters, 30 November 1995]

Bangkok, Thailand
Banharn Silpa-archa is the Prime Minister of Thailand. It is reported that members of his political party received bribes in exchange for awarding a $680 million contract to Kockums, a Swedish weapons manufacturer.

A spokesman for the prime minister's political party warned that it was going to sue any newspaper that printed these accusations. [Source: AP, 1 December 1995]

Beijing, People's Republic of China
Investors have been robbed of $385 million in a reported "pyramid scheme". The scheme is connected to widespread corruption in the Beijing city government. "The case has been called the worst of its kind in modern Chinese history," says an Associated Press story. [Source: Associated Press, 1 December 1995]
Toronto, Canada
Former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney is accused of bribery. Persons in the Canadian government have charged he received payments from Airbus Industrie in return for favorable treatment in the $1.3 billion purchase by Air Canada of 34 aircraft. In a letter, a Canadian Justice Department lawyer claims that "Mulroney was involved in a 'persisting plot/conspiracy' to defraud the Canadian government when he was in office."

Mulroney is said to be hopping mad and is suing the Canadian government, and also the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, for libel.

Canadian authorities have asked the Swiss for help in the case. "Swiss authorities have seized two bank accounts at Swiss Bank Corporation in Zurich." [Source: Reuters, 2 December 1995]

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