Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 6  Num. 68
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(December 5, 1995 -- Phone (312) 731-1100 for recorded message.)

Hi! Sherman Skolnick, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts, 9800 S. Oglesby Ave [Chicago, IL 60617].

The press fakers say other countries are highly corrupt. Let's look at the record.

South Korea, to their credit, arrested their former president, charging him with stealing hundreds of millions of dollars. (But he forgets who his accomplices were.)

Mexico is often branded as highly corrupt, but the Mexican authorities are charging their former top officials with political assassination as well as drug-money laundering.

Israel, to their credit, is digging into a high-level plot in the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Being accused are top officials of their FBI, called the Shin-bet.

Some claim billions of dollars were given to Israel by the Vatican and western bankers so Israel would give a piece of their very little land to Palestinians, primarily Christians. Rabin reportedly secretly assured top fellow Israelis, however, that somewhere down the road the Palestinians would nevertheless be thrown out of the tiny nation.

Yet to be revealed in the murder plot is that it stems in part from Chicago. As the envoy to the Pope and the Vatican Bank, Archbishop Bernadin visited Israel just prior to the assassination. Bernadin is the treasurer, for the Church, for the whole western hemisphere. Did he go to check whether Israel was secretly planning to renege on the deal? Did he find out that some of Rabin's relatives reportedly already siphoned off some of the money to their own private accounts in Europe?

Bernadin may have been aided by a former top official of Israeli intelligence (the Mossad). Their headquarters for the western hemisphere is, likewise, Chicago. The manager of Israel's Bank Leumi in Chicago is Mossad financial director for North America. Like Shin-bet, top officials or former officials of the Mossad are in the process of being accused of being murder accomplices.

Now notice the sorry record of the United States. The president, and later his brother, are murdered; also, two leaders each perceived as a black messiah: JFK and RFK, and Malcolm X and Dr. King. And each time, the highest level in the government and the press whores say, "It was a lone assassin."

It was a monstrous FBI and CIA cover-up.

Starting with the presidential election in 1980, high-level treason was committed by those who later became the president, vice-president, and head of the CIA. To guarantee the election and wreck their opponent Jimmy Carter, they arranged to delay the release of U.S. hostages in Iran. It is called "The October Surprise". The proof of the secret is bottled up in congressional documents.

Those in CIA who knew too much were on Pan-Am flight 103, bombed over Scotland six weeks after Bush was elected president, 1988. To protect Bush from charges of treason, the bombing is blamed on nobodies.

Since a young age, Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary each has different roles with CIA. As Arkansas governor, he looked the other way; now he says he did not see CIA dope shipments into the airport at Mena. A sealed indictment has been pending against first lady Hillary, charging her with treason: together with Vincent Foster, Jr., selling U.S. nuclear secrets to a foreign power. As Clinton's White House deputy counsel, Foster was murdered and falsely labeled "a suicide".

With the aid of Bush, Clinton, Hillary, and their ring, some 18 sizeable firms, headquartered in Arkansas, are financed in part by CIA dope money -- including, reportedly, Tyson Chickens, Wal- Mart, and J.B. Hunt Trucking.

So, Mexico, South Korea, and Israel are exposing to the world some of the high-level dirty business. How is it that the United States is so backward and so controlled that the press here, and the government, cannot tell the truth?

Citizens Committee to Clean Up the Courts, 9800 S. Oglesby Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60617. Donations are very much appreciated.

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-- Brian Francis Redman, Editor-in-Chief

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