Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 6  Num. 76
                    ("Quid coniuratio est?")


In the following installment of Conspiracy Nation (CN 6.77) Mr. Sherman H. Skolnick makes mention of the tragic Oklahoma City bombing. He puts forward, again, the claim that the type of bomb used was some sort of nuclear device. Specifically, he states

Was the Oklahoma bombing the "American Hiroshima"? We told you, in an exclusive story, that the Oklahoma bombing reportedly released dangerous radioactive material with tritium and other substances.

Mr. Skolnick, your "American Hiroshima" story, covered in Conspiracy Nation, Volume 6, Number 55 (CN 6.55), makes a number of assertions. For instance you say that "[Michael] Riconosciuto now contends a sub-nuclear bomb was the one used in Oklahoma City." You claim that "massive radioactivity" was found at the blast site shortly after the explosion. You claim that the debris from the blast was carted away and buried in concrete so as to "contain the long-lasting radioactivity."

In a subsequent interview, also covered in CN 6.55, you are unable to explain how it is that the laws of Newtonian physics were somehow held in abeyance when some columns were blown out and some columns weren't. What is especially incongruous is that some columns were blown out and yet the back wall of the building remained intact! Your only explanation for these anomalies is a referral to vague and unnamed experts who supposedly can explain.

Regarding your claim that "[Michael] Riconosciuto now contends a sub-nuclear bomb was the one used in Oklahoma City," a source, whose credibility I have no reason to doubt, has written to me as follows:

The material about the OKC bomb allegedly obtained from Riconosciuto has been denied by Riconosciuto. A source... says that not only is the information wrong, but that Riconosciuto denies being the source of information.

Sherman, your assertion that debris from the blast was carted away and buried under concrete so as to, apparently, hide as well as contain radioactivity is troublesome to me. I think it would be impossible to sweep this alleged radioactivity "under the carpet" as you seem to imply. Radioactivity has quite a long life and just carting away debris would not, I think, serve to eliminate evidence of radioactivity at the original blast site.

I therefore issue this public CHALLENGE to your credibility on this story, known as "American Hiroshima". I offer you full opportunity to respond in writing. If and when I receive your written rebuttal or amendments to the original story, I am willing to distribute same via Conspiracy Nation.

A final note to readers: I ask that we please give Mr. Skolnick both plenty of time as well as the benefit of the doubt. He is entitled to ample time to provide a reasonable response.

A final note to Mr. Skolnick: calling me on the phone with impromptu oral reactions to this CHALLENGE will be considered by me to be an insufficient and weak response. Please take a little time, for the benefit of your thousands of friends and fans worldwide, to offer us all a well-thought, well-reasoned response.

I encourage distribution of "Conspiracy Nation."

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