Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 6  Num. 78
                    ("Quid coniuratio est?")

I received the following from a CN reader and am passing it along.

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This news is related to the death of Vincent Foster.

Tommy Burkett's mother telephoned Dave Martin, also known as "DC DAVE" the poet, after she returned from the FBI offices today. She asked him to help get this message out. "DC DAVE" asked me to alert this newsgroup and encourage others to post this message far and wide.

Beth George, Tommy Burkett's mother, and her husband, Tom Burkett Sr. met with the FBI today, 11/29/95. They were told that the FBI had concluded their son had committed suicide and that they had compiled an 1800 page report. When Tommy Burkett's parents asked to see the 1800 page report the FBI told them they could not see it. They left the FBI offices.

Tommy Burkett's death was featured on television's "Unsolved Mysteries". His parents maintain that he was murdered. They had ordered a second autopsy and it was concluded he suffered a broken jaw and mangled ear before he was shot in the head. Dr. James C. Beyer, the original medical examiner stands by his conclusion that it was suicide. Dr. James C. Beyer also concluded that Vincent Foster committed suicide. He is also known for taking X-rays that he did not take.

Tommy Burkett was a student at Marymont College in Northern Virginia and was working undercover for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

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