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Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette, 12/21/95 By Chris Schultz

CHARLESTON, IL -- A former Coles County Board member is facing a Jan. 8 hearing to determine whether he will be required to take treatment through the Illinois Department of Mental Health.

Warren Larry Moore, 48, of Mattoon is charged with being publicly nude on three occasions between June 6 and Sept. 3 this year.

He is also accused of trespassing in a mobile home court after being warned away from the property by the owner.

On Nov. 15, Coles County Judge Dale A. Cini ordered a fitness evaluation for Moore.

According to a clinical psychologist, Moore was not competent to stand trial on the misdemeanors.

Moore is suffering from a "persecutory delusion" and may be experiencing auditory hallucinations, the psychologist reported. The recommendation is that Moore receive treatment through the Illinois Department of Mental Health.

The incidents cited in the complaints include:

-- On June 6, 1995, Moore walked about nude, except for socks and tennis shoes, at the Wilson Trailer Court in Mattoon.

-- On June 18, 1995, Moore is accused of standing in front of 905 N. 10th St., Mattoon, "with no clothing."

-- On Sept. 3, 1995, Moore is accused of public indecency for walking up on the porch of a woman living in the Wilson Trailer Court and exposing himself.

The trespassing charge is related to the last incident.

According to the evaluation, Moore told the psychologist that he was representing himself. Moore claimed, during the evaluation, that the appearance of him being nude was part of a conspiracy in which an illusion was created by others using holograms and supercomputers.

Moore, formerly an independent insurance agent who owned the now- defunct Downtown Insurance Agency in Mattoon, served on the Coles County Board from 1976 to 1985 as a Democrat. He had also run for mayor of Mattoon twice.

In 1987, Moore was found guilty of misappropriating funds in his insurance business, in that he took $433 in deposits without providing insurance to clients.

During the trial, Moore claimed that the charges against him were part of a "political conspiracy" by Coles County Republicans.

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