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. Allegations Regarding Vince Foster, the NSA, and ..Banking Transactions Spying, Part XXXVI ...
... by J. Orlin Grabbe

.It is sometimes said that journalists are whores. Of course the statement is false: just as some whores write best-selling books, so are some journalists paid propagandists. Which brings to mind the relationship between the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Mike Wallace with respect to the Vince Foster story.

.As first reported in Part 17 of this series, four days before Vince Foster died, his sister Sheila Foster Anthony effected a $286,000 (and change) transfer from an account at Mellon Bank to Vince Foster's wife Lisa Foster. Sheila Anthony was at the time a top Justice Department official, an Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legislative Affairs, where her duties included liaison with Congress, clearance of bills before they were forwarded to the Office of Management and Budget, and help in selecting nominees for the positions of U.S. Attorney, U.S. Marshall, and Federal Judge. What was not reported in Part 17 was the identity of the account holder from which the transfer was made (information I wasn't able to obtain). Well, here it is: the funds came from an account controlled by the DNC. (The evidence of the $286,000+ transfer was given to Kenneth Starr shortly after being reported in Part 17.) This transfer occurred the same day, July 16, 1993, that Sheila Anthony called a psychiatrist, who later told the FBI that Anthony said Vince Foster was working on "Top Secret" issues at the White House and "that his depression was directly related to highly sensitive and confidential matters".

.Not coincidentally, Sheila Anthony's husband is Beryl Anthony-- former congressman from Arkansas, former President of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, a lawyer for Winston and Strawn, one whose recent clients have included the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, as well as Systematics, renamed Alltel Information Services (whose involvement in an NSA bank spying project was the starting point of this series).

.Does the DNC maintain a slush fund account for political bribery? One suspects the answer is "Yes," but hesitates to draw this conclusion based solely on the $286,000+ transfer to Lisa Foster, before knowing what Lisa Foster did with the money.

.The evidence with respect to Mike Wallace is less ambiguous. In a CBS 60-Minutes episode telecast on October 8, 1995, Mike Wallace claimed to lay to rest most of the doubting questions concerning Vince Foster's alleged "suicide". Much of the program was devoted to attacking Chris Ruddy, a reporter first for the New York Post, then for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, who specialized in pointing out the discrepancies in the official story that Vince Foster killed himself in Ft. Marcy Park on a slope near one of the civil war cannons. In claiming to clear up most of the questions, Wallace forgot to mention that Ft. Marcy Park was then closed while an FBI team (using X-ray scanners) looked for the bullet that allegedly killed Foster. Wallace interviewed James Hamilton, whom he called the "Foster family lawyer", forgetting to mention that James Hamilton was also the Clinton-Gore Transition Counsel for Nomination and Confirmation 1992-3, and a long-time Democratic political fixer. It has since become known that Hamilton was the author of a memo urging that the Whitewater Investigation be stonewalled: ``If politically possible Janet Reno should stick to her guns in not appointing an independent counsel for Whitewater,'' Hamilton wrote President Clinton in a January 5, 1994, letter. Hamilton was recently appointed to the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.

.Now sources who over time have proven totally reliable have confirmed the following item that Mike Wallace also forgot to report: Mike Wallace was paid $150,000 by the DNC to do the CBS 60-Minutes hatchet job on those questioning the official story of Foster's death.

.Hey, Mike. Now that we know what you are, would you accept $15 to do a complete retraction?

.Have a nice New Year, Mike. That $150,000 should purchase a lot of champagne.

.Try not to get a headache.

...[to be continued]

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