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AIDS Inc. -- Part 7

There was such a response to the previous CN (CN 7.23) on the banning in the United States of the book Why We Will Never Win the War on AIDS by Bryan Ellison and Peter Duesberg, that I thought I would re-post the following. It is my synopsis of Jon Rappoport's book, AIDS Inc. Because Rappoport covers Dr. Duesberg's challenge to official AIDS dogma, they may be banning his book next! (Or, late breaking, thanks to Rep. Schumer and his proposed H.R. 2580 -- outlawing discussion of what he calls "baseless conspiracy theories" -- they may be banning Conspiracy Nation!)

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Where did AIDS come from?

In 1987, The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was saying that there was no official version as to the origin of AIDS. A Don Robusky of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) stated "The accepted wisdom on the origin of AIDS is the green monkey (African). But nobody's really sure."

How would AIDS have been transferred from monkey to human? There are several scenarios:
*** Jungle insects bit green monkeys, then bit humans *** Humans killed monkeys and monkey blood washed through human

sores or cuts
*** Humans ate monkeys
*** [B.R. Humans had sex with monkeys (?) Just conjecture.]

The author, Jon Rappoport, suggests that a possible source for AIDS may be African Swine Fever (ASF). "In 1971 and 1980, Cuba suffered epidemics of ASF. Press coverage in the San Francisco Chronicle and Newsday, and by Jack Anderson, as well as references in William Blum's The CIA, Its Forgotten History, trace possible CIA involvement in the 1971 epidemic."

An article appearing in the January 9, 1977 issue of Newsday describes how operatives having at least tacit CIA approval introduced African Swine Fever into Cuba: "A U.S. intelligence source told Newsday he was given the virus in a sealed, unmarked container at a U.S. Army base and CIA training ground in the Panama Canal Zone, with instructions to turn it over to [an] anti-Castro group."

A Cuban national, on trial in New York Federal District Court, testified that in 1980, "as part of a biological warfare scheme against the Castro Cuban economy, 'a ship traveled from Florida to Cuba with germs...'"

Rappoport points to the mariel Cuban boatlift as the possible means by which ASF was transported back to the U.S.

Could ASF be one of the factors behind so-called AIDS? "In 1983, two Boston scientists, John Beldekas (Boston University School of Medicine) and Jane Teas (Harvard School of Public Health), wondered whether ASF was, in fact, the AIDS virus... They found evidence that ASF was showing up in the blood of AIDS patients, 'even though Swine Fever isn't supposed to infect humans,' Beldekas comments."

Teas went to Florida. She recalls that while there she "heard rumors that some Haitians, after eating pork, were contracting an odd illness... Regardless, it was already clear that in some areas where you saw a concentration of AIDS (Africa, Brazil, Haiti), you saw outbreaks of Swine Fever in herds of pigs. Although the pork industry and government scientists won't admit it, there are ASF-infected wild pigs in Florida."

In July, 1986, Douglas Feldman, a medical anthropologist at Yale, concluded a letter to the New York Times as follows: "...epidemiologists and veterinarians might do well to explore the possibility that this virus [ASF] is a co-factor in AIDS transmission in central Africa and perhaps other regions of the world." But, as of 1988, no such exploratory study had been undertaken.

In September 1985, the NYC Health Department tested 160 random blood donors for evidence of Swine Fever. "Five showed signs of having contacted the [ASF] virus. This is quite remarkable, since the prevailing wisdom on African Swine Fever is that humans can't catch it."

Needless to say, the billion-dollar pork industry would be disturbed at charges that:
1) There is a trace of Swine Fever among hogs in the U.S. 2) ASF might be connected with AIDS.
3) AIDS might be contracted from eating pork.

In an article in the October 7, 1985 Washington Post, John Beldekas [Boston University School of Medicine, see above] tells the authors of the article "that after he had found signs of ASF in the blood of people diagnosed with AIDS, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture officials told him to keep his mouth shut about it, 'for national security reasons...'"

Rappoport concludes this section by mentioning that 1) the mariel Cuban boatlift "was at least one-third gay... the major number of these men ended up in New York, L.A., and San Francisco, the three cities where AIDS cases have been reported in large numbers."
2) The New York Native (June 2, 1985) attributes the following statement to the U.S. Department of Agriculture: "On the export side, if African Swine Fever Virus became established in the U.S., there would be an annual loss of some 300 million dollars in pork and related products..."


The author includes a copy of a letter written by one Michael Callen to the "People With AIDS Coalition." Following are some excerpts from that letter:

One advantage of believing that HIV is the cause of AIDS is that it's such a simple explanation. All you have to say is that a killer virus is on the loose which, like some Pac Man video game, eats T-4 cells. Such a simplistic explanation seems tailor made for the TV age...

I am a multifactorialist. I believe that multiple factors conspire to produce the immune deficiency which we now call AIDS. that we have both HIV-1 and HIV-2, we're being asked to believe that two viruses whose genetic make-ups are different enough to consider them different viruses could appear at the same time and happen to cause the same disease.

If AIDS were truly caused by one virus, we ought to have seen cases of AIDS appear simultaneously in every major city where there are gay men and IV drug users... Why were the overwhelming majority of all cases of AIDS confined almost exclusively to New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles for the first several years of this epidemic?

Trying to convince America that everyone is equally at risk for AIDS has been a successful fundraising ploy. But it has also caused a lot of panic and needless social disruption. Many people who are the unlikeliest candidates to ever develop AIDS are nevertheless suffering tremendously from the fear of AIDS.

The deafening silence in response to Professor Duesberg's devastating challenge to HIV is a scandal! Science doesn't progress by ignoring embarrassing criticisms of received wisdom. If Duesberg is wrong, his claims should be easy to refute. Duesberg's devastating challenge to HIV has gone unanswered long enough.

"Most alternative theories of how AIDS came to be assume that AIDS exists, it is one thing, the reports of cases around the world are accurate, and HIV-blood testing is accurate and meaningful."

However, "when you try to say that immune suppression, which gives rise to opportunistic infections, wasting away, pneumonia... when you say this immune suppression comes from one cause, one germ, you're asking for trouble. All over the world there is immune suppression, there is reduced T-cell formation, reduced macrophage function, there is the sprouting of opportunistic infections. This is nothing new."

"To define a syndrome so loosely that it virtually includes any sort of immune suppression ever seen -- this is bound to fail. It just doesn't work."

"Alternative theories, if they prove anything, make stronger the suggestion that AIDS is not one thing."

"After such a failure as AIDS-research, in all its aspects, the most intelligent thing to do for the health of the U.S. may be to cut off funding for NIH, disband it, dismantle the buildings, throw some seed on the ground, forget it was ever there and start over."

Health "has nothing necessarily to do with selling cascades of new pharmaceuticals. It doesn't have anything to do with winning Laskers and Nobels. If a researcher likes shucking the public, let him go into selling. If he enjoys participating in useless and false research in a silent way, let him become a speechwriter. But get him out of public health."

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"The outstanding book in the field describing the alternative view on AIDS is AIDS Inc., by Jon Rappoport. It is available for $13.95 plus $2.00 postage (total $15.95) from: Human Energy Press, Suite D, 370 West San Bruno Avenue, San Bruno, CA 94066. If you, the reader, read but one book on AIDS in your lifetime, make it this one. It may save your life." [CN -- Caveat emptor. This info (above) as to availability of the book AIDS Inc. may not be current. I got the book via my local bookstore, i.e. they ordered it for me.]

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